5 monsoon makeup tips for a melt-proof bridal look 

Heat and humidity can do a number on your wedding makeup—here’s how to prevent it.

Rains have always been associated with romance, so it’s not a surprise that many choose the monsoon season to tie the knot. But the weather can also throw a wrench in wedding planning—right from the logistics to your makeup on the special day. Humidity can make your skin look extra greasy and shiny, and makeup is less likely to last through the day during this season. 

However, with a few tips and tricks, you can make sure that your bridal makeup is flawless and monsoon-proof.

Start with a well-prepped base
A lot of us tend to trim our skincare routines or give it a miss altogether due to the heat and humidity of monsoons, but it’s important to keep cleansing, moisturising and applying sunscreen even during rainy season. Especially when it comes to your big day, thoroughly wash and moisturise your face for skin that is plump and has a natural glow. Then, use an oil-free primer for a smooth, flawless base that will keep your makeup in place for longer. 

Avoid cream-based products for a grease-free look
Cream-based makeup products are on the rise—think creamy blushes and cheek tints, soft lipsticks and eye shadows, and more. While these are perfect for colder weather, they tend to add extra moisture and oil to your look, something you want to avoid during this season. So, you’ll be better off sticking to matte products that help control grease and shine. Choose waterproof liquid-based foundations and setting powders instead. For a blurred, soft look, apply the powder in layers, which also gives you the flexibility to build on the level of coverage you want. 

Stay away from elaborate makeup

There’s a time and place for OTT makeup—if you’re wondering “if not on my wedding, then when?” know that the heat and stickiness of this season will not be kind to your detailed glittery eye look or multiple layers of foundation and blush. Instead, opt for a subtle no-makeup makeup bridal look—it’s been the choice for celebrity brides like Alia Bhatt and Kiara Advani as well. 

Waterproof beauty products are your BFF
This is a must, even for non-monsoon wedding makeup. Wedding ceremonies can be quite emotional, and you don’t want your immaculately done makeup to wash away with all the tears. Right from a waterproof foundation and concealer to smudge-proof lipsticks and mascaras, make sure you use only these on your big day. 

Set your look in place so it doesn’t smudge

You’ve prepped your face, you’ve applied make-up, now it’s time to set it so that it doesn't budge, and stays fresh right from morning ceremonies to evening parties. A spray can save your makeup from melting away as the day progresses, and will also make everything look more seamless and airbrushed.


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