Wedding nail inspo for every type of girl!

Make your mehendi pop with these stunning nails.

Whether it's when he is putting that ring on your finger, or when you are in the midst of the many rituals with your mehendi on display, your hands are front and centre in every wedding, which means that they could do with that extra oomph, be it a nice hydrating manicure before or jazzing up those nails. And, of course, you can always choose nails that embody your own personal style and vibe. We put together a run down of ideas of every kind of woman out there! 

Simple and chic
We all love our simple girlies, and we know that wedding prep has gotten you stressed. You like minimalism but you don’t want to be boring on your wedding day. Too much glitter and glam is not your thing, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid the colours gold and silver altogether. Here is a simple but chic nail look that is sure to make you feel your very best without feeling like you’re doing too much!

The trendy girl 
You love being on trend, and if something you see around catches your eye, you best believe you’re going to be the first in your friend group to acquire it. The same goes for your wedding, and what other nail trend fits you perfectly than the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nail trend. Delicate and pretty, these nails will go with all of your fun and trendy wedding outfits. 

Classy and cool 
You love a good french tip nail, but you want to do a bit more for your wedding. Keeping it classy and bougie is kind of your thing and you know that your wedding fits need nails that will help elevate your outfit instead of taking the show away. These chrome-inspired nails with a pretty swirl are sure to fit your classy style. 

Glitz and glamour 
This is for the girl that loves everything glamorous, shiny, and extra. You know your nails have to be as fabulous as you are! These nails with the added jewels on top are sure to match your glittering personality and all your stunning looks planned. 

The classic girl
For the traditional girl, the colour red is evident in your wedding looks. You want your mehendi to stand out more than your nails, and nothing goes better with a beautiful mehendi design than a classic reddish-maroon nail. You can’t go wrong with this stunning wine colour.