The benefits of laser hair removal during the run up to your wedding

Say hello to silky smooth skin.

Amid putting together a beautiful, dreamy wedding, preparing for the big day involves various grooming tasks for brides-to-be. From hair removal to skincare routines, everything needs to be taken care of, to ensure smooth and flawless skin throughout the festivities. 

The most recently widely popular laser hair removal technique offers long-lasting results. And that's not the only benefit, brides-to-be often opt for it before their wedding for smooth, hair-free skin, eliminating the need for last-minute grooming worries on their special day.

Here are some of the other benefits of using laser hair removal technique as stated by Dr Jyoti Gupta, MD dermatologist, Dr Rupika Singh, MBBS, MD, Dermatologist & Founder Akiya Aesthetics, Dr Shaurya Thakran, MD & Founder of Rakshaa Aesthetics, and Kiran Bhatt, Cosmetologist and Vice President of Junoesque Clinic. 

Saves time

From your bachelorette and engagement, to your wedding and honeymoon, there are many events lined up for brides. During these events, going to the salon every couple of weeks is quite a hassle. If you plan laser hair reduction well before your wedding, you don't need to make the salon runs. Generally, 6-12 sessions are required for full-body laser hair removal, with one session taking place every 4-6 weeks. So, opting for laser hair reduction 6-12 months before your wedding can save your lifelong trips to the salon for waxing or the need to raze off your unwanted hair.

Fewer side effects

Sometimes, shaving and waxing can leave your skin red and irritated. With laser hair removal, however, there are barely any side effects, if at all any. A very small (almost negligible) percentage of people may experience burning from it, but otherwise, there’s just a little bit of redness that soon disappears. 

No more ingrown hair

Laser technology removes hair right from their follicles. When you shave, you cut off hair at the surface of your skin, and this can often cause in-grown hair. Even with waxing, you have this risk. Laser hair removal guarantees that there’s no chance for ingrown hairs. This is another factor that contributes to no itchy and irritated skin after hair removal. 

More even-tone skin

The chances of smoother and even-toned skin increase after laser hair removal. Also in areas like underarms and the bikini line, laser hair removal can decrease pigmentation dramatically for a long period.

Important points to remember

Timing is one of the most crucial parts of getting laser hair removal. Never opt for your first session right before an event as the hair starts to grow after two days (called shed-off hair) which takes approximately a week or two to go completely. Secondly, do not expose yourself to the sun a week after the treatment since it increases the chance of redness or itching on your skin. Add to that, do not bleach or wax your hair before laser hair treatment for it is necessary for you to have at least small hair growth from all areas to be treated. Lastly, ensure that your skin isn’t dry and your skin barrier is intact for the treatment to work without there being any side effects.

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