Expert-approved solutions for crow's feet and fine lines under the eyes

Two leading dermatologists offer tips to treat, prevent, and cover them all.

As your skin ages, the collagen and elastin regenerate less and the structure gets damaged. The skin starts to thin and lines appear on various areas of your face starting with under-eyes, around the eyes, around the mouth, and forehead. Prolonged and excessive exposure to harsh sun could lead to the leathery thickness of the skin, which one calls solar elastosis.

The first step to combat these is visiting a dermatologist to assist you with the right skincare routine and a physician to check your nutrition, overall health and hormones, as all these together are responsible for maintaining the health of your skin and hair. 

For crow's feet and wrinkles, in particular, amino acids and essential fatty acids are highly imperative. These could be acquired either through supplementation or via foods that are rich sources of these nutrients. A few in-clinic treatments such as radio frequency, collagen stimulating lasers, medium depth peels, micro-needling, botox, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) would also work wonders. 

For topical application, using sunscreen during the day is a must as sun exposure could do more damage. Ensure to use a moisturiser at night along with a collagen-boosting night cream to aid the skin in its repair and rejuvenation.

What to opt for?

Under-eye serum or an under-eye cream: An under-eye serum or cream with retinol and peptides can be effective for addressing fine lines and crow's feet. Retinol stimulates collagen production and promotes skin cell turnover, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Peptides support skin structure and elasticity, providing a firming effect. Applying a product containing retinol and peptides to the under-eye area regularly can help improve the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet, resulting in smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

Botulinum Toxin: Botulinum Toxin, commonly known as botox or dysport, is a popular and proven method for reducing the appearance of crow's feet and fine lines. This minimally invasive procedure involves injecting the toxin into specific facial muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles. Botox diminishes the visibility of crow's feet and fine lines caused by repetitive muscle movements.

Inputs from Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Ra Skin & Aesthetics - Mumbai & Hyderabad, and Dr. Meghna Gupta, Dermatologist and Founder, Delhi Skin Centre