Alia Bhatt’s skincare routine video on YouTube is a lesson in beauty minimalism

Clean beauty hacks and more.

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, you’re probably clued in on the clean girl beauty trend. The ‘no makeup’ makeup look, where your skin is flawless and doesn’t require much in way of makeup. Having gone viral on TikTok, it seems the trend is very much here to stay. Closer home, we can’t think of anyone better than Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt that defines the clean girl aesthetic. So, when she decided to spill secrets on her skincare routine, along with her sister Shaheen Bhatt, it’s no surprise that it piqued the interest of hundreds of thousands of avid skincare junkies and beauty enthusiasts on the internet. 

Here, we breakdown why her skincare routine is a lesson in beauty minimalism, from keeping it fuss-free, simple and accessible, and sharing the duo’s ‘skinsecurities’ or insecurities—the two kept it real, thus striking a chord with viewers. 

Know your skin
First off, Alia credits her sister Shaheen for introducing her to a proper skincare regime. She even holds up an instruction kit that her sister had gifted her a few years ago, on following an am-to-pm routine. She goes on to talk about the importance of understanding one’s skincare concerns and knowing your skin type, so you can use targeted products. She also highlights how during her pregnancy, her skin had become extremely sensitive, and that she had to stick to using gentle, soothing formulations. 

While Alia’s concerns revolve around having a combination skin type and sometimes dealing with dry patches around her mouth, Shaheen’s concern on the other hand, is dealing with extremely dry skin and dark under eyes. 

We liked that despite doing a deep dive into skincare, the duo kept it simple and easy to understand, even for those who may just be starting out on their skincare journey. Talking about the importance of self-care rituals as short-term skincare goals, Alia also spoke about the importance of long-term goals to build a foundation for great-looking skin. 

Pimple patches can be your best friend 
We all have to deal with those pesky breakouts and zits every now and then, and the sisters are no exception this. Both Alia and Shaheen like using these pimple patches by Korean beauty brand, COSRX. Alia admits that since she has a habit of picking at her pimples, these patches do a great job of keeping her hands off her face. 

Don’t go mixing all your actives together


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Spotlighting some of the skincare mistakes that the duo has made and learnt their lessons from, Alia points out that they both made the mistake of using too many actives together, that can eventually destroy or damage your skin barrier. So, don’t go jumping on the latest trends, be it retinols or potent Vitamin-C serums that can irritate the skin. 
Alia prefers using a soothing toning mist like the Byoma Balancing Face Mist that is packed with probiotics and ceramides. 

Do what works for you 

For serums and moisturisers, Alia’s pick included a peptide serum like the Rhode Peptide Glazing fluid. Peptides are a great way of building your skin’s collagen and keeping it supple She couldn’t stop gushing about the D’you – In My Defence moisturiser that is packed with ceramides, helping repair the skin barrier and keeping it nourished. 

Shaheen, on the other hand uses SkinCeuticals hyaluronic acid intensifier for a dose of hydration, followed by Glow Recipe’s Avocado Ceramide serum that helps replenish moisture. She points out that she doesn’t believe in using eye creams as they are not just overly expensive but a good moisturiser can do the job just as well. 


The duo wrapped up their routine with using plenty of sunscreen—because you can’t have enough of it—as well as a nourishing lip balm, like thisRhode peptide lip treatment that Alia picked, while Shaheen chose the Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment for her lips. 

From keeping it easy and minimal without a 10-step skincare routine to follow, we loved how the sisters propagated fuss-free products and doing what’s good for your skin. After all, skincare needn’t always be about loading up on expensive ingredients or cluttering your beauty shelf with too many products. 

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