6 Tips to Make Your High Heels Pain-Free

From taping your toes to relying on good-old Vaseline, here are a few physio-approved tips to save your feet the torture.

There's no denying that a pair of gorgeous high heels does the work, many a time. However, Bob Dylan once said, 'Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.' Oh and can we ladies agree any more?

While stilettos and peep-toe platforms speak all things glamour, they're hella painful. From swollen, aching soles, to a painful ankle; it's high time we master the art of strutting in heels. But until then, there has to be some solution to tone-down the suffering? And there certainly is.

Dr. Shruti Paul, Physiotherapist, Practo, shares some expert tips and tricks to go pain-free, without compromising on beauty.

Tape It Up

'An old, yet effective technique to support the feet while wearing heels is taping,' states Dr Paul. Tape your third and fourth toe together, counting from your big toe, to reduce the pain experienced while wearing high heels. You could make use of a nude medical tape, to avoid it from being apparent as you walk. Application of the tape — this trick is believed to take the pressure off the balls of your feet, as there’s a nerve that splits between those two toes. The tape alleviates the pressure put on that nerve when you wear heels, making it noticeably less painful.

Posture Matters

I mean, it's all a posture game after all, right? You'd be surprised with the difference your posture makes, while walking in heels. 'Pull in your stomach, keep the knees slightly bent, and ensure that you walk with your neck and spine straight. Additionally, you must follow the heel-toe pattern while walking. It's always the heel first, followed by the toe,' states Dr Paul.

Jelly Treatment

Blisters and shoe-bites are fairly common, if you regularly wear heeled sandals. In such cases, while most people turn to band-aids and antiseptic creams, Vaseline jelly works just fine. You can apply the Vaseline on the insides of the shoe, where it often tends to bite, in order to avoid blisters. This trick is especially helpful for those, whose nature of work requires them to wear high heels often.

Check Your Shoe Size Regularly

Contrary to popular belief, the foot size can change over the years, and the size may also differ from one brand to another. Given this, you must keep track of your foot size, from time to time. At least once every year, it is important that you get your shoe size measured accurately. Buying a shoe that doesn't correctly fit, is never a great idea.

Be Mindful While Shopping

More often than not, we tend to splurge on items that are appealing, without taking into consideration the comfort-value of the product. Next time you go shopping, keep a few things in mind:

  • leather is more breathable and flexible. So whenever possible, opt for leather shoes.
  •  Buy heels with straps and buckles. These tend to give more support than slip-ons.
  • If the shoe is already pinching at the store, it won't get much better later. DO NOT BUY IT.
  •  Go for a uniform heel, such as a platform, instead of a stiletto. Wedges are even better!
  • Use gel insoles to give that extra support and cushioning.

Give Yourself a Break

If you're trotting in heels all day, you seriously deserve a break. 'Remove your heels for just a few moments even. Practice long stretches to relax your feet and toes, and rotate your ankles,' suggests Dr Paul. You may also wear your heels with socks at home, before wearing them out. This loosens them a bit and feels more comfortable when worn later. When it comes to walking, take small, slow steps, rather than big ones.


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