Oiling Can Fix Hair Loss and Other Myths You Need to Stop Believing

We get an expert to clear some misconceptions about hair loss and tell us the most effective ways to stop it

Hair shedding is a part of our everyday life, but it still breaks our heart to see hair clogged shower drains. On an average we lose 100 strands in a day but if you feel you are losing more than that and you don’t see them growing back then you need to be concerned. “However, most of our reactions to this predicament are fairly divided into two segments. The traditionalists prefer to usea plethora of kitchen ingredients to create home hair masks and oils that your grandmother claims gave her, her lustrous locks. Or the trend chasers, who plunge into researching the latest hair care product which claims to be an elixir for your damaged strands,” says Saloni Anand, co-founder of Traya Health, a holistic hair cure brand for hair loss that combines Ayurveda, Allopathy, and Nutrition to come up with solutions to hair loss.  

She points out that you need to start noticing thinning of hair that makes your scalp visible, a receding hairline or a widened partition then you need to raise a red flag. She further suggests seven effective ways to manage hair loss

Don’t rely on your hair care products

Yes, that’s right your onion oil or ACV shampoo cannot fix your hair loss. Studies have shown that 80% of women with iron deficiency have a sensitivity to female pattern hair loss. "This cannot be fixed unless you get the ferritin and iron levels up. Applying hair masks and serums won't help," says Saloni.

Hair loss needs a diagnosis 

Hair loss has types and one needs to identify the underlying causes before identifying the treatment. Make an appointment with a dermatologist or trichologist. If your hair loss has escalated after an illness or has been constant for over a year and has led to increased scalp visibility don’t reach out for the latest shampoo or oil. Seek advice from an expert and get prescription medication instead of OTC commercial products. 

hair loss

Follow a proper diet 

You have been hearing this your whole life because it is true. You are what you eat And your hair is no different. Stay away from foods that increase the acidic pH of your body such as gluten, dairy, fermented food and red meat. According to Ayurveda, these foods can increase pitta and consequently lead to hair loss. Also, say no to fad diets which lead to sudden weight loss, as they can trigger telogen effluvium. A rapid hair shedding form of hair loss.

Assess your lifestyle

If you have noticed a sudden increase in hair fall. You need to figure out if it coincides with any lifestyle changes. Such as increased use of nicotine or alcohol, lack of adequate and good quality sleep, eating unhealthy food, lack of exercise, etc. "Basically, hair is like a litmus test for your internal health which is affected by your lifestyle. So, just make sure you fix those habits to fix your hair loss," advises Saloni. 

Get a health checkup done

Ask any experts and they will tell you that no amount of products can fix your hair health till you fix your diet, lifestyle and health.  Indigestion, hormonal changes, stress, illnesses such as thyroid, PCOD, post-pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies and even Covid can cause hair loss to increase. So, if you see a sudden increase in your hair loss best to visit a doctor to find out if anything is amiss. 

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Save it from exposure - Indoor and outdoor pollution, sun rays and hard water can damage your hair health and trigger hair loss in those who have a genetic susceptibility for pattern hair loss. So, protect your hair with physical barriers such as scarves, loose-fitting caps, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun and using a water filter if you stay in a hard water area. More importantly, make sure to keep nourishing your hair follicles. 

Treat your hair right - Frequent heat and chemical treatments, overuse of harsh chemical products and certain hairstyles can damage your scalp and hair health. "Tight hair ties and hairbands can cause something known as traction alopecia which can affect your hairline. Avoid these hair habits and switch to air-drying, mild products and loose hairstyles to ensure healthy-looking locks," says Saloni.


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