The Significance of Wearing a Maang Tikka For the Indian Bride

As per our culture, the maang tikka is not solely an opulent piece of jewellery, but a bridal accessory that holds an abundance of meaning.

Our Indian heritage places a profound emphasis on expression through creative forms—whether it be textiles, paintings, sculptures, or annual festivals. And, since matrimony is considered to be an auspicious union between two souls, it's no surprise that bridal adornments hold a propitious cultural significance as well. 

The traditional 'maang tikka'—that got its name owing to its placement at the centre hair parting—made its first appearance in paintings and sculptures dated 5000 years ago, where both men and women sported the exquisite hair ornament.  According to Hindu mythology, the tikka rests in between the forehead, a spot that is believed to house our sixth chakra, or the 'third eye'. It is the point where Shiv-Shakti combines to form ‘Ardhanarishvara’, which signifies half-male and half-female, providing a justification as to why classical androgynous paintings feature both genders wearing the ornament.

It is also believed that the maang tikka, when worn, rests on a spot that represents the 'power of the soul'. When a bride adorns this piece of jewellery on her wedding day as part of the solah shringaar, she is connecting with her third eye—harnessing the power of concentration, activating her knowledge, wisdom, courage, and will-power. For the couple, it represents the coming together of a male and a female, on a spiritual, physical, and emotional level. 

While the ornament is worn as a fashion statement across the globe today, as centuries have progressed, the maang tikka has became a significant bridal symbol. 

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