8 stunning pieces of jewellery to rock the ‘art-deco’ look

It’s all in the shapes.

Art-deco looks take us back to the haute sophistication of the 1920s. And while we haven’t quite brought back the trend of ‘art deco’ yet, the period’s influences have managed to blend into designs of many luxury brands. Think cuff bracelets, pearl brooches, tassel necklaces, and more. It’s all class, and none of the gaudiness. We've rounded up you eight of our favourites. 

Plume de Chanel Brooch by Chanel

Where better to start than the godmother of 20th-century fashion? This elegant diamond brooch set in 18k white gold is a throwback from Coco Chanel herself. Inspired by Chanel’s first jewellery collection in 1932, the delicate feather has 189 cut diamonds that total up to 2.16 carats. A perfect match for any outfit. The brooch’s elegance comes its delicate make that resembles the nature of a feather. If you get past the worry—rest assured it won’t break—you’ll be wearing the finest jewelled feather.

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O.H V Celeste Sautoir Necklace by Outhouse Jewellery

Sautoir necklaces are long necklaces with a gold chain, usually divided in two by a single pearl or other stones. In the art-deco era, those pendants became more geometric and ornamented. The O.H. V Sautoir necklace from Outhouse’s Celeste collection features a delicate circular pendant with butterflies in the outer rim and smaller, circular pendants around it. If you’re unfamiliar with Outhouse Jewellery, they styled the jewellery for Alia Bhatt’s iconic 2023 Met Gala look and are the creators of Olivia Rodrigo’s iconic V earrings at the 2022 MTV Awards. 


Elsa Peretti Mesh Earrings by Tiffany and Co.

Rather than bringing you a typical jhumka, we bring to you delicately crafted, ‘modern-chandelier’ mesh earrings that are diamonds set in 18k gold (or silver). The earrings are draped around themselves, giving them a ‘moveable’ look. Of course, being part of the collection designed by the indomitable Elsa Peretti, these earrings are nothing short of elegant and the perfect choice if you're looking to play with your look.


Clic H Hermès Factory Bracelet by Hermès

The trendy alternative to jewellery made with gems are enamel bracelets. They are lightweight and feature various designs, versatile enough to be worn at every event. Hermès understood the task well. The Clic H Bracelet is enamel encased by gold-plated hardware completed by the signature H lock. You can go for a serious look with solid hues (I recommend white or red). But its true beauty is the colourful designs featuring unicorns, horses, circuses, and vivid imagery with fun colours. It’s like wearing art on your wrist.

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Greco Art Deco Cuff Bracelet by The House of Rose 

Cuff bracelets are still popular today, but the speciality of the period was its geometrically set with gemstones. The House of Rose is one of the few brands that is directly inspired by the art-deco period. We personally loved this cuff with tanzanite in its centre surrounded by rubies and diamonds. It’s not as subtle as the other pieces, but a must-have if you’re willing to make a statement. Plus the entire bracelet is silver, not gold, so the pink and dark blue really stand out. This piece is perfect for weddings and more extravagant nights. 

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Possession Pendant by Piaget 

This necklace is the minimalistic version of dangling sautoirs of the era. Other pieces in this collection include zodiac signs, and lucky gems, all catered towards creating a meaningful connection between jewellery and the wearer. This necklace has two great parts. First is its white gold chain, an inventive alternative to a regular gold chain. It also goes perfectly with the circular diamonds set in the centre. It’s wearing gold and diamonds but not worrying about the colour clash. 

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Hyderabad Choker Necklace by Moi

Combining two of the chicest trends of the era, choker-necklaces and everything pearl, this choker is the perfect piece to add to your traditional collection. The artisanal setting technique of the necklace’s pendant is native to Hyderabad. It combines gold with rose-cut diamonds and layered with five strings of pearl. The best part might be the asymmetrical suspension of teardrops that are set with diamonds, hessonites, agates, and tourmalines. The green, white, and red make it perfectly royal and sophisticated. A little different from the art-deco vibe, but extremely appropriate for any Indian setting. 


Octagon cut Lucent Cocktail Ring by Swarovski

The word ‘cocktail ring’ dominated the art-deco era, with bold shapes usually larger than a finger (sometimes two) with all its flashy decorations. In five colours, Swarovski’s delicate crystal-on-crystal ring features a sharp cut of translucent crystal that makes the overall look statement but classy. The blue (a rather pretty sky-blue) and yellow are the most versatile, but all the colours have their own charm. The best part of the ring, personally, is the clarity. The crystal is the focus of the entire ring, there aren’t other details. 



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