Wedding photography trends to keep an eye on this season

From minimalism to film photography, incorporate these trends on your big day. 

Gone are the days when wedding photos meant awkward couple poses, shots of guests eating taken mid-bite, and tacky albums. Weddings have changed in modern times, and so has the way we capture them. There has been a rise in wedding photography that captures the authentic  and intimate emotions of the special day without being staged.

We spoke to three industry experts to see what photography trends will rule supreme ahead of the wedding season. 

Minimalism and keeping it natural

Celebrity weddings these days have a muted aesthetic, with the brides as well going for a beige, ivory, and pastel pink trousseau. It’s no surprise then that the minimalist aesthetic has seeped into wedding photography as well. Amrit Arora, founder of The Wedding Files explains, “Owing to Bollywood, currently, wedding photography is revolving around minimalism. Presently, it is more about keeping it natural and capturing the true essence of the moment rather than a posed and made-up photo shoot. Shrey Bhagat, founder and creative director of Raabta concurs. “One of the first aspects is the minimalist style of wedding photography which has its own contemporary approach. It emphasises simplicity, clean compositions, and subtle details that create a more powerful image and story.”

First look images

The concept of first look originated in United States and other European countries, where the photographer captures the emotional moment of the family, friends, and sometimes even the groom getting to see the bride for the first time. It has now made its way to India too, with first-look images becoming a trend of late, says Bhagat. 

 Film photography

Another trend that is doing the rounds of the wedding photography circuit is fine art photography, which usually uses film cameras for a timeless and romantic look, explains Siddharth Goel, co-founder of Camiltion Productions. Film cameras and the nostalgic aesthetic they offer has made a strong comeback, and looks like it is here to stay.
Creativity never goes out of style

Arora emphasises that creativity never goes out of style, so while it’s important to keep an eye out for trends, you can’t lose sight of your vision and aesthetic. Bhagat adds that some other trends that are creating a buzz include destination pre-wedding shoots, daytime outdoor weddings, editorial-esque shoots, and personalised music compositions for filmmaking. 

Should you follow trends on your wedding or not?

In this day and age of viral social media trends, it can be quite tempting to blindly follow what others are doing. But whether you decide to let trends dictate your wedding pictures should depend on your personal style. Arora says that if the personal aesthetic of the couple matches with currents trends, then it is great as the end product will be something relevant, but it should not be a driving force. According to Goel, trends should reflect your personality, and should be both timeless and authentic. So, consider if it will stand the test of time, and see if the trend is going to be meaningful for you years from now when you look back at your wedding pictures. Bhagat sums up that while trends can serve as inspiration, one should concentrate on creating a beautiful story that resonates with them.

Image credits: Raabta


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