Unique proposal ideas you should bookmark right away

Pop the question to your boo in an unforgettable way.

It can be overwhelming to plan the perfect or the most unique proposal. After all, the Internet is brimming with ideas to pop the question to your significant other in style. From how to keep it a secret to the scale of the proposal, there are a lot of things to consider when planning a proposal for the love of your life.

It all boils down to what they love, and how your relationship has blossomed. If you are proposing to an introvert, or someone who doesn't like to be in the spotlight, you should organise a personal and private proposal, perhaps at home or on an isolated hill station or island, and if your love likes grand gestures, you can hire a flash mob, host a fireworks display, or propose on an action-adventure expedition.

The next big step is to plan the specifics of the proposal. Here are some unique ideas to get you started!

Propose with your pet

Pets are members of the family, and there's no reason why they shouldn't be included in the plan! Allow your pet to start the proposal by delivering a note. "Will you marry my dad?" You could even have your dog (or a really skilled cat) deliver the ring. You can attach it to your pet's collar or have them carry it in a basket. You can choose to practise ahead of time to avoid too much commotion or slobber!

Propose with a photo album

If your companion is sentimental, they will gladly sit down with you and go through an album full of images and mementos from your relationship. It can turn your proposal into a lovely, romantic stroll down memory lane. Leave the last page blank but with a header like "Our Wedding" and see if they get the hint!

Re-enact your first date

For good reason, this concept is a classic. There's something understated yet completely romantic about proposing at the restaurant where you first met. Bonus points for adding extra details, such as visiting the bar where you had a nightcap.

Skywritten proposal

This proposal idea sounds far more corny than it is—do you know anyone personally who has proposed by skywriting? On a clear day, pop the question in the clouds and ask your partner to gaze above. You'll be on one knee by the time they gaze back down!

Create a song of your own

When you propose, you want it to be sincere. You can propose to your partner by writing an original song. If you need assistance, rent a guitarist or collaborate with a musician. Start with a song that your companion enjoys if you have the words but not the musical chops. Use the melody and metre of the song, but adapt the words to reflect your love and connection. Bring in a function band and you'll sound like a true rockstar!

The 'Pride and Prejudice' proposal

There is no more memorable proposal than Mr.Darcy's to Lizzie Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Any true Austen lover would understand exactly what you mean when you say, "Surely, you must know it was all for you." Just be sure to look up Darcy's successful proposal speech, not the one in which he insults her family... unless you want to make the whole thing comical!


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