Finding company within the company—the story behind Michael and Sangeeta’s heartfelt workplace romance

The Alila Fort in Jaipur served as a majestic fort wedding that evoked a sense of love and all things splendour.

In a charming intercultural union, a British groom found his heart caught by an Indian-Bengali bride, whisking her away from the ancient setting of the Alila Fort in the Pink City. The wedding of London-based couple Michael and Sangeeta unfolded over three days from Septemeber 20-22, 2023 in a unique floating mandap, with the ace decor, and the wedding planners Konark Events transforming each event into a mesmerising spectacle.  

From colleagues to soul mates

Their love story, like many modern romances, began in a familiar setting—their workplace. What began as a friendship first blossomed and deepened during the challenging days of the pandemic when they found solace and support in each other’s presence. Their bond was strengthened by their shared interests and values. Their mutual love for cooking, preference for early nights, fascination with technology, and alignment of personal values served as the building blocks of their relationship, fostering a deep connection and understanding between them.

It wasn’t until a secret holiday to Mykonos, however, that the true depth of their feelings became evident. Surrounded by the beauty of the Greek islands, they discovered a newfound sense of intimacy and closeness that transcended their friendship. Their adventure continued in Cyprus, where the fusion of history and modernity mirrored their own blend of experiences and aspirations. It was a moment of clarity that set the course for their shared future and thus began their wedding story. 

The inspiration behind choosing the Alila Fort 

The reason the bride chose Alila as her wedding venue was because of its exceptional warmth and hospitality. She felt that the staff at Alila went above and beyond to cater to their needs, making the experience personal and unforgettable. The menu was carefully curated to showcase the flavours of India, ensuring that guests had a taste of the country's rich culinary heritage.

Moreover, the stunning architecture of the palace resonated with her childhood dream of getting married in a palace. Each room at Alila is uniquely designed, adding to the sense of being a part of something truly special and historic. Overall, Alila stood out as the perfect venue for her wedding due to its impeccable service, breathtaking beauty, and fulfilment of her lifelong dream.

A playful poker night, shades of holi at the sangeet, and a floating mandap

The festivities first began with a cocktail and poker night on Septemeber 20, where guests enjoyed a taste of the casino charm. Quotes and images of the bride and groom were placed on the poker table, charming the guests with a personalised touch. “For the cocktail event, we wanted to pay homage to our shared history and interests. Having both worked in the gaming and gambling industries, we decided to embrace a western theme with a black-tie dress code. It was a nod to our professional backgrounds while also serving as a warm welcome for our British family, blending sophistication with a touch of nostalgia,” says Sangeeta. 

On the 21st morning, the mehendi ceremony unfolded in the enchanting ambience of a Bar-Palladio theme, reminiscent of a vibrant cafe in Jaipur. The decor, blending a rich blue and pink aesthetic, symbolised the attributes of the couple. With colour bombs and a perfume bar enlivening the atmosphere, the celebration became magical. 

The sangeet night sparkled with lights and glitter, with a stunning and scintillating entrance. Guests danced with abandon, celebrating the joy of the moment and the bond shared by the couple. The following morning, the Haldi celebration took a colourful turn. 

With organic colours and flower showers, the celebration was reminiscent of a Holi-ed haldi. “For the haldi function, we wanted to capture the essence of both British culture and Indian ancient beliefs, creating a fusion that felt harmonious and unique,” adds Sangeeta.

Finally, amidst the tranquil surroundings of Bawri at Alila Fort, the couple bound their union. Against a tree-inspired and unique floating mandap symbolising the roots of their love and the promise of their journey ahead, the couple exchanged their vows. Surrounded by hanging flowers and soft lights, the wedding culminated in an elegant and grand celebration. Sharing her thoughts about the theme for the wedding, Sangeeta says, “As for the wedding ceremony, the moment I laid eyes on the step well, inspiration struck. Drawing from my love for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's extravagant cinematic sets, I envisioned a grand affair reminiscent of his larger-than-life productions. The step well provided the perfect backdrop for a majestic fort wedding, evoking a sense of grandeur and romance straight out of a Bollywood masterpiece.”

Wedding credits

Venue: Alila Fort, Bishangarh 

Wedding Planning & Decor: @Konarkevent 

Images: @soulmate_moviemakers

Make-up Artist: @poojakhuranabeauty 


Jewellery: @aabushanjewellery1941

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