Bridesmaid Duty Tips

Congratulations, you've been chosen as a bridesmaid! What happens next

Being chosen to be a bridesmaid may be the greatest honour possible. You'll most certainly be filled with excitement and joy, but if you're unprepared, anxiety may seep in. There is some effort and financial commitment involved for anyone in a bridal party, so you'll want to be well-informed of your tasks in order to show up as the best bridesmaid you can be.

Here is a list of bridesmaid duties to keep in mind.

Assistance with Pre-Wedding Events

Two of the most essential pre-wedding expectations are the bridal shower and bachelorette party. The maid of honour will usually take the lead, but the bridesmaids should help organise and contribute financially as much as possible.

Assist With Attire

Some brides may already have a strong picture of what they want the bridal party to wear, but if the bride asks for assistance, you can certainly offer suggestions for bridesmaids' attire, hair, and makeup. If you're asked to wear something you don't like, this is the time to say nothing.

Give a Present

If you can afford it, it is common to provide an item from the registry or a gift such as a spa day or facial at the wedding shower. It's also a good idea to pool your resources on a larger present for the newlyweds if other bridesmaids want to contribute.

Give the bride something to eat.

It's nice when the bridesmaids make sure the bride keeps hydrated and fed throughout the wedding day festivities, even if it's only light snacks. Make sure the bride drinks water at all times, especially when the pair is rushing about taking photos. 

Be a Bathroom Pal

If the bride's outfit is exceptionally heavy or formfitting, they will most likely require assistance in holding up or navigating the ensemble in the bathroom. During the reception, you may also need to bustle the dress. If the bride is changing attire, they may want assistance getting out of one and into the next. The planner will frequently help with this, but sometimes the bride prefers to have someone close by assist.

Understand the Plan of Action

The schedule should be shared a week or two before the wedding so that everyone is aware of it and can follow it.  You don't have to memorise this, but be sure you go over everything, understand how the day will go, and recall the facts as best you can.

Assist the MOH.

The maid of honour may need to do some coordinating to keep the wedding on track. Assist her as best you can—that is, don't be putting the finishing touches on your makeup when you should be driving to the ceremony!
Have an emergency kit on hand.

Helping the maid of honour build a wedding-day emergency pack is a must-do on any bridesmaid chores checklist. While you hope you won't need any of these supplies (stain remover, sewing kit, etc.) on the big day, it's always a good idea to be prepared.

Assistance with Wedding Planning Tasks

Bridesmaids are not wedding coordinators, florists, caterers, or cake bakers, but they may be asked to help with minor wedding preparations. Getting hands-on with some easy DIY projects, or even accompanying the bride to pick out rentals or attend her hair and makeup trial are all things that the bridesmaids can assist with.

Prepare for Photographs

When everyone has completed getting ready, make sure the bride has everything she needs for photos and the ceremony. A bridesmaid can help by serving as the keeper of the tiny things, such as touch-up lipstick, blotting papers and the bride's mobile as the planner will have the majority of the important items.        

Don't forget to have fun

Last but not least (and possibly the most crucial function of all) is to be the party's life and soul. Make sure your guests have a wonderful time, be the first on the dance floor (no one else wants to be, so it's up to you), and party all night.