Beauty Rules Every Groom-To-Be Must Know

Gone are the days when skin care was solely a female relevant concept. Dr Simal Soin, Aayna Clinic and Dr Geetika Mittal, Isaac Wellness, reveal the cardinal beauty rules that grooms-to-be must swear by, prior to their big day.

When we asked Dr Geetika Mittal how important skincare is for grooms-to-be, she responded, 'As important as their outfit for the wedding.' And indeed so. Skincare is no longer a woman-centric subject matter. Men are equally concerned about their skin and for good reason. One must know that the wedding day is as important and memorable for the grooms, as it is for the brides. Grooms-to-be don't solely want to look and feel good on their big day, but want to compliment their respective other as well. Henceforth, skincare should top the list for grooms when it comes down to getting ready for the wedding. Keeping this in mind, here are some expert-approved cardinal skincare rules that the groom must be aware of. 

Dr Geetika Mittal posits that men have a different skin-type, as compared to women. 'They have more oil glands than women, which means that they should invest in their skin type and skin texture accordingly.'

Brides are no longer the sole focus at weddings, according to Dr Simal Soin. This justifies the need for men to take their beauty and grooming more seriously. In light of this understanding, Dr Simal Soin has put forth specific beauty rules that the grooms must know and follow. 


Every man shaves, so why not use a moisturising shaving gel that retains the moisture and hydration in your skin? 'Since shaving is an integral part of a man’s routine, it needs to be done right. To make sure that your skin doesn’t get itchy while shaving, opt for a moisturising shaving gel that soothes the area as you shave. You may also opt to have permanent laser hair reduction for beard shaping,' recommends Dr Simal Soin. 



A medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that carries out a patented three-part regimen — cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with intensive serums; the hydra-facial is a perfect pre-wedding procedure for glowing skin. 'This all-seasons unisex treatment that suits all skin types and works on every layer of your skin, has been AAYNA’s treatment for many years now. In less than 40 minutes, the active serums used in this treatment cleanse and remove dead skin, unclog pores, extract hidden impurities and hydrate at the deepest level to reveal the healthiest layer of skin,' says Dr Simal Soin, while speaking about the facial treatments her clinic provides. A highly recommended skincare procedure for grooms-to-be, those men who haven't been taking good care of their skin of-late should definitely go for this one. 


An eye cream must be a routine skincare product, in order to avoid dark circles and wrinkles. Essential for all seasons and skin types, it will most definitely help with puffiness and fine lines. An eye cream when applied on the sensitive areas around the eyes, will also boost hydration and will moisten the skin. This beauty rule becomes even more important during the harsh winter months, with the purpose of avoiding dry skin. 


An extremely essential aspect of grooming for men, getting a chic haircut and indulging in a few hair spa sessions would definitely be worthwhile.


It's time that we recognise that beauty is as important for grooms, as it is for brides.