A look inside Oksana and Siddhartha's multicultural nuptials in Rajasthan

The wedding was a harmonious blend of Indian and Ukrainian cultures set against the majestic Umaid Bhawan Palace.

We’re fans of all things love, especially stories that transcend boundaries, nationalities, and language barriers. This past December, one such heartwarming love story culminated in holy matrimony between Oksana Prysyazhnyuk from Ukraine and Siddhartha Sinha. Their wedding, held on December 16 and 17 at the majestic Umaid Bhawan Palace, was a cultural spectacle, with Rajasthan serving as the backdrop, symbolising the ancient heritage that signifies the essence of Indian roots for the couple.

An adorable love story that blossomed online

The couple crossed paths in San Francisco, where Prysyazhnyuk, a Columbia and Harvard graduate, and Sinha, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and Wharton Business School, forged a dynamic relationship that began online. Their connection deepened into a profound relationship, leading Sinha to propose to Prysyazhnyuk on the iconic helipad of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai after a helicopter tour of the city.

The reason behind Umaid Bhawan as the venue

Prysyazhnyuk’s appreciation for Indian culture began in college, where she chose to study the Bhagavad Gita and the Gita Purana as part of her humanities requirements. Her pursuit of the perfect Indian wedding venue led her to the historic grandeur of Umaid Bhawan Palace in India. “I wanted a place steeped in history and splendour yet intimate enough to host my loved ones exclusively, ensuring a personal and intimate celebration,” she comments. “My decor vision for Umaid Bhawan Palace was a delicate balance of white and green that complemented rather than competed with the palace's grandeur,” she adds. This concept was well-received and supported in her conversations with Manish Malhotra in Mumbai and Ranveer Singh, whom she had met at Tiffany's opening event in NYC earlier in the year.

A harmonious blend of cultures 

Prysyazhnyuk embraced the traditional Indian colours by selecting a resplendent red lehenga designed by the renowned Manish Malhotra. The haldi ceremony beautifully combined Indian and Ukrainian traditions, symbolising the union of diverse backgrounds. Ukrainian national emblems, such as sunflowers and the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag, were harmoniously incorporated. Guests dressed in traditional haldi colours, while the bridal party wore shades of blue, seamlessly blending the two cultures.

The sangeet was a glamorous affair, with dazzling lights and a high-tech setup creating a larger-than-life atmosphere. Guests embraced the glamorous theme, dressed to impress, and were transported to a magical world for the evening.

The welcome lunch took inspiration from chinoiserie, blending modern elements with the traditional mehndi look. The colourful flowers, fun prints, and unique furniture created a vibrant and inviting space, perfect for a daytime brunch. In a heartfelt gesture, Prysyazhnyuk curated a cookbook with recipes close to her heart, collecting them from her mother, mother-in-law, and Umaid Bhawan Palace’s executive chef. This culinary endeavour, a total surprise, offered a sensory experience beyond the ordinary.

The wedding and after-party 

During the planning phase, Prysyazhnyuk expressed her fondness for the baraat tradition, and the planners, Ashi Jain and Shobhit Jain, from Event Casa, a luxury wedding planning company, decided they would do a bridal baraat, where a fleet of vintage cars and colourful shots would shoot up in the sky, and the bride would enter with her bridesmaids.

The wedding ceremony was a blend of Vedic chants and English translations, representing the harmony between their cultural backgrounds. The 6.5-foot-tall cake featured images from their journey, from the proposal to their wedding, culminating in the Umaid Bhawan Palace on the top tier, making it a truly unique centrepiece.

To honour their American heritage, the couple incorporated it into the after-party, treating guests to a classic comfort food fiesta featuring New York-style pizza, mac and cheese, and hot dogs, a nod to quintessential American cuisine. 

Saving the best for the last with the drone show 

The couple wanted a surprise element to make their wedding stand out. The planners pitched for a drone show, especially knowing this would be the biggest drone show in a wedding. They’d anticipated that it would surprise and delight guests, creating a memorable and talked-about moment. For instance, they featured a formation symbolising “Love Crossing the Borders,” illustrating a world map with flights moving from Ukraine and India towards the USA.

This was a representation of the union between our American couple with Ukrainian and Indian roots. The display also included the flags of India, Ukraine, and the USA. To enhance the impact, they incorporated a voice-over artist who explained the significance of each formation during the show, aiming for a meaningful impact. Add to that, they highlighted the iconic proposal of the couple at the Burj Al Arab Helipad, complete with the image of the diamond ring box.

The celebration embodied a harmonious blend of cultures, showcasing the couple's journey of love, commitment, and unity across continents.

Image credits: @cupcakeproductions | Instagram 

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