10 Ways To Throw A Virtual Bachelorette Party With Your Girl Gang

Yes, the world is under lock-down. But you can’t possibly miss your bestie's bridal shower, can you?

In the current COVID-19 scenario, everything is going digital; the rise of the digi concert, online teaching and webinars being some of them. But hold on, did we forget to pack in the fun? No, we certainly did not.

While lovers are virtually going down on one knee and couples gag about their ‘at-home’ pre-wedding photo shoots, the bride’s besties have come up with their very own ways to keep the spirits alive. In the time of social distancing, virtual showers are your best bet!

Group Sweat Sesh

You won’t get a better opportunity to finally take that class you always wanted to together. Whether you opt for a Zen yoga class, a power dance or some aerobics even, it’s all up to you. Wedding planning can sure be stressful, one of the major stressors being cutting down on those extra calories. So why not burn it out together?

At-Home Salon Sesh

What is a bachelorette without some self-care? Nothing could be better than making a spa-day out of it. Get all your beauty essentials out and ‘mask on’, virtually! Send each other some nail art inspiration and you could do your own mini mani-pedi girl group session at home. Before glamming up for the real party, use this as an opportunity to dress-down in your most comfortable attire.

Order Brunch To-Go Or Hold A Kitchen Kick-Off

To add a touch of fancy, you could order in a sushi platter or just a pizza from the eatery round the corner. However, if you would like to hone your cooking skills, you could indulge in a cook-off or bake-off with one another.

Going Down Memory Lane

Oh, isn’t it just wonderful to reminisce about those good-old days? Get onto a zoom call with your girls and share your most memorable moments with one another. Even better, be ready with some embarrassing photos of the bride, take turns, and you all can laugh about it once again!

Pre-Party Fashion Show

Now that you’re sorted for the day, let’s get you ready for the night. There’s no fun if you don’t play a little dress-up for the bridal shower. Take out your best options, and let your girls help you pick one. This can be done turn-by-turn and is a great way to enjoy some company while glamming up.

Girls Night ‘In’

Why not set up a virtual dinner date at your respective homes? Whip up something fancy, get a bottle of wine ready and you’re good to go! You could also make a games night out of it, where you play a bunch of virtual games. Taboo, charades, never have I ever, to name a few. You could also play a ‘Pretend You’re in Paris For A Night’ game where you talk all about what you would’ve done if it weren’t for the lockdown, or online karaoke!


Roll out some paper, make some chits where everyone jots down the movie of their choice and pick! If you are struggling to decide on one, why not watch all turn by turn? You have all the time in the world anyways. The only other thing that’s missing here is the popcorn.

Open Gifts From Afar

The best part, presents! Each of you could wrap up presents and take turns opening them on someone else’s behalf. Or else, send your gifts through mail and have the bride-to-be open it in front of you on call (you don’t want to miss out on that reaction).

Go On An Online Shopping Spree

Virtual online shopping? You’re on! Shop your heart out; you have your girls by your side.

Create a Custom Snapchat Filter Or Bingo

With customised bingo and Snapchat filters going viral, why not make one for your pretty bride? The bingo could include a bunch of fun and memorable things you did with the bride, some inside secrets and a lot more!


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