Wedding Designers Share Tips on How to Host an All-White Wedding

Brides Today spoke to two wedding designers to share expert advice on how to incorporate the classic hue in your wedding celebrations.

While the quintessential Indian wedding demands a generous helping of colour—bright hues of yellow, saffron, green, and red; all serving an auspicious purpose—millennial marriages have witnessed the inclusion of white, owing to inspiration drawn from the West.

“Today, couples are seeking a serene colour palette to establish a calm, cosy mood for their nuptials. There has been a significant shift from bold, bright shades to whites and subtle pastel hues that exude a rustic, vintage vibe,” explains Aashna Saran, Founder and Creative Head, Aash Studio. “In the recent past, 70 percent of our brides have desired a toned down, white wedding, that offers the perfect contrast to their bright bridal ensemble. The details could be as simple as lanterns and pots accompanied with light burlap or white flowers twirled around a quirky photo booth,” she adds.

According to Vedika Mohan, Creative Director, The Wedding Design Company, white as a colour has the advantage of being easily paired with elements in almost any other shade. “White and orange is a delightful pairing that is elegant, charming, and pleasing to the eye. In addition, shades of white and green give way to a classic, ethereal combination. With white green pairings, you have the freedom to introduce accents in multiple tones—through stunning floral arrangements, fabrics, or any experience booths you may want to create,” she informs.

“You can create a mandap structure inspired by white Roman pillars, pristine white console tables and furniture pieces, or even a white floral blanket for the wedding aisle. And, in order to break the monotony, add a touch of gold or silver through elements such as candles, vases, mason jars, and coasters, which will lift up and add a muted contrast to your overall décor,” suggests Aashna.


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