The Top Interior Design Trends to Know in 2022

From biophilic details to earthy, sustainable accents, read on to learn about the hot trends in home décor this year.

Out with the old, in with the new; 2022 calls for a makeover, so let's begin at our homes, shall we? There isn't a better time to refurbish—and perhaps, declutter—your space, than now. And with warmth, comfort, cleanliness, and airiness dominating our wishlist, third year into the global pandemic, interior décor trends continue to focus on making us feel more centred and emotionally at ease.

Since our senses are impetuously drawn to elements that are tasteful and aesthetically pleasing, we got in touch with Aditi Agarwal, Co-Founder of Nestasia, to elucidate on the interior décor trends that don't only get people talking but also make a house a 'home'.

Vintage Chic

There’s a fine line between vintage chic and dated—and that’s the line we’re looking to be on this year. According to Aditi, the easiest hack to keep the place looking timeless is to mix and match existing modern pieces with family heirlooms and antiques. "The days of a large accent painting are long gone; this year, layering up with tiny, stand-out pieces is in vogue. For instance, décor pieces enclosed within an antique photo frame is the perfect side table accessory. This extends to tablescapes as well. While floral prints on a white backdrop are as traditional as it gets, the shape of the plate and pattern of the flower can be updated to add that touch of modernity your dinner set craves. To take things up a notch, you could set up a traditional table and pair it with a rustic dining set," Aditi says.

Subtle, Earthy Tones with Bold Patterns

Soft, earthy tones with bold patterns are expected to make it big this year. Gone are the days pattern-on-pattern wasn’t on-trend; the year 2022 will be reminiscent of the 60s and 70s where striking, edgy accents are welcome. "After being surrounded with all-white walls, people are craving spaces that hold their own and exude a strong personality. If out-there patterns are not your thing, add a subtle pop of colour with throw pillows or a sofa to bounce off a creamy-hued wall," Aditi explains. "A rich, regal green would be the perfect pick—think a Tabitha print rug paired with a pale green throw. Many paint companies have named shades of sage green as the colour of the year. My personal favourite is Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog. Earthy greens are perfect for pairing with other nature-inspired hues such as sky blue, warm brown and soft grey," she adds. 

Curved, Sculptural Décor

Curved décor accents are all set to have a moment in the spotlight. As we continue to move away from straight-lined minimalism and towards cosier environments, our home décor is becoming softer and more sculptural. Contemporary art pieces such as doughnut vases and mirrors are the perfect way to incorporate this new trend into your space. 

Biophilic Design

After being cooped up at home for two long years, people are focused on re-establishing their relationship with the natural world through biophilic design principles. This essentially means that relaxing spaces will be emphasised with natural lighting and ventilation, as well as the inclusion of greenery and a visual connection with nature. "There’s an easy way of achieving this if the space you live in doesn’t have big French windows. Just add a few sets of planters or fresh flowers in trendy vases. If you want a biophilic design but don’t have the time to cater to plants, invest in faux plants and flowers that look close to real," she recommends.

Picture Frame Moulding

The picture frame moulding trend has made its way back into 2022, and we can’t complain. Picture frame moulding—which refers to the kind of shape that the profile of a picture frame has—adds an elegant, distinct design flair to any space while creating a focal point. "This year, consider adding a touch of modernity to the mouldings by inviting a splash of colour in each frame. You can even add texture to the wall by hanging small antique-looking frames. Picture frame moulding pairs well with sculptural décor pieces and are contemporary at heart," says Aditi.

The Future of Sustainability

With the green movement picking heat, interior designers are trying to explore the finest materials that ensure the long-term health of our environment. "This could mean repurposing old furniture, shopping locally, or buying responsibly-sourced items. It also involves using natural raw materials for home décor. For instance, a bowl of potpourri will last longer than most air fresheners, while being completely natural. Pampas grass is another sustainable choice," she puts forth.


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