Spice Up Your Wedding Night With These 6 Fabulous Toys

From your first night together to your honeymoon to beyond, gift your partner these toys and make your intimate bond more awesome than ever before.

Congratulations, you are getting married! Now, while you might have painstakingly planned out every detail of your wedding functions, outfits and honeymoon travels, it might be time to give thought to your wedding night as well. While sexy lingerie, scented candles and sparkly body lotions are nice, the right toys can take your intimate explorations to a whole new level. Now, whether or not you and your partner have had sex before, this new commitment marks a new phase of your love life, one that demands the evolution of your sexual bond as well. No matter how adventurous you are as a couple, the right sex toys can add a fresh and unexplored dimension to your intimate relations and take them to fabulous new heights. If you are open to the idea of adding toys to your wedding night and honeymoon or looking to gift your partner with one but don’t know where to start, we are here to play sexy cupid for you.

TTK Healthcare has launched Love Depot, an all-new sexual pleasure e-superstore for all your intimate needs. We have put together a curated list of the 6 couple-friendly products available at Love Depot to gift your partner on your wedding night, all ready to be discreetly delivered to your home in a few quick clicks. Browse these, and pick the ones that you ‘love’ best.

1. Skore Buzz: India’s first remote-controlled vibrating ring, its 8 vibration modes and mood lights make this an exciting new toy to use with your partner as you both explore a world of intimate pleasure together. Made with premium, body-safe silicon and ABS material, the Skore Buzz is water resistant and rechargeable as well.

Price: INR 2,125.00

2. MsChief Adagio Wand Massager: The MsChief- Adagio Wand massage comes with a flexible and wide head and is made with body-friendly, silicone material. This wand comes with 10 frequencies and 5 speeds for you to explore different sensations with the love of your life. The temperature of the massager is managed with constant control to further heat things up.

Price: INR 4,999.00 

3. Satisfyer Curvy 1+ Air Pulse Stimulator Vibration – Rose Red: Discreet, comfortable and easy to use, the satisfyer curvy +1 has the unique ability to be controlled by an app on your, or your partner’s phone. Use this function to add spice and excitement by letting your partner take charge of your stimulation, or use it as you please on your own.

Price: INR 9,899.00 

4. plusOne G-Spot Massager: This ergonomically designed massager is multifunctional, making it the perfect couple’s companion when you are new to the toy game. Now your partner’s hunt for the G Spo can end on the wedding night itself with this handy little device.

Price: INR 6,099 

5. Iroha Stick Clitoral Vibrator: This female-friendly toy is designed to be small, compact and portable, so pack this in for your honeymoon and revel in the ultimate indulgence.

Price: INR 4,099

6. Zumio S Massager: This MVP toy for women uses a rotating motion instead of vibration to mimic the movement of a human finger so you can experience a unique sensation like never before. 

Price: INR 13,799.00


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