Important questions to ask your wedding photographer

Here’s what you need to do to ‘click’ with them.

Your wedding photographer is perhaps the most important person that you hire for your wedding (the caterer being a close second). With you having a lot on your plate, the only thing that you want from them is those images to look fantastic. When it comes to wedding photography, most couples have no idea where to start or what questions to ask, and many photographers won’t communicate important details.

We’ve listed down a couple of questions that should sort you out. These are the most basic things to be asked following which you can get into the major details.

Are you available on my wedding day? 
You might have a lot to say and discuss regarding how the photos of your wedding should look. But none of that will matter if the photographer you’re looking to hire isn’t free at all. You’ll just save your time and can now focus on speaking to someone who is available. While it is the most obvious question you’ll ask them, one tends to forget the clear-cut things on most occasions. Furthermore, check with them if yours is the only wedding that they’ll be doing that day. They may be available, but you certainly don’t want them rushing from one wedding to another. 

Are you going to be taking the photos or is it going to be someone else?
There’s a good chance you’re talking to the head of the photography company and not the person who’s actually going to be there on ground zero on your big day. While they might delegate it to their team, it’s important to let the people on that day know what you want. Weddings are all about connections and emotions and that’s what you want with everyone present there, cameramen included. It takes nothing to be kind, so do go out of your way to make them feel welcome. Do get full details on the total number of photographers for your wedding as you do not want to incur any additional costs.

How long have you been in the business? 
Do your homework and know who you’re dealing with. Are they a big name in the business who’s made a name for themselves in the industry or are they taking their first steps in the world of wedding photography. It’ll help you keep your expectations in check. 

Have you done a wedding at the venue we’ve chosen? 
If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. So ask them this. For all you know, they’ve worked wonders at this venue before. Those inputs will matter a lot as they’d know exactly what needs to be clicked at what time and which part of the property. And even if they haven’t, no big deal. They can always do their preparation by scouting the location. 

What’s your style like? Do you take more candid shots? Do you want things to flow organically or will you tell people what to do? 
Considering the job at hand for them, know what they’re good at and what makes them the perfect choice for your wedding. At the end of the day, those photos will create everlasting memories. By asking them how they envision your day, you’ll be able to align what you’ve been thinking about your wedding with them.

How much do you charge and what are the packages that you offer?
Discuss their pricing and know what their services are. Ask them how one package is different from the other to get an understanding of how they price themselves as well as ask them if there is any room for customisation as per your tastes and preferences. Get absolute clarity if they charge per hour or per day. Add to that, they need to tell you if they will only click images or edit and re-touch, correct them as well, and will they charge extra (how much) for doing so. 

Most important is the cancellation policy. Find out how accommodating they are, or if they charge extra should there be a change to the date. 

When will you send the photos and video to me? 
Wedding photographers are busy people who move from one wedding to another. Be sure regarding when you will receive the photos and videos that you’ve been waiting for. 


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