"I Am Old-School At Heart and Believe That Love Should Be Pure and Noble": Vaani Kapoor

Old-school romance and an intimate wedding are what actor Vaani Kapoor envisions for her happily-ever-after.

Vaani Kapoor is a romantic at heart, even though her on-screen presence in movies like Befikre would have you believe otherwise. We are on a Zoom call with the Brides Today covergirl, to speak about her views on love, life, relationships, and happiness, and the 33-year-old actor is uninhibited when it comes to discussing her philosophies. “My parents provided me with a very real and solid upbringing, with strong moral and ethical values in place,” she tells us. “As a result, I am not what you would call an ‘impressionable mind’ that anyone can sway. My core is strong, and I am very true to who I am.” This clarity of thought has found an admirable place in Vaani’s approach to partnerships as well.

Read this intimate conversation to learn more about what she truly wants in her future.

Brides Today: What are your views on love?

Vaani Kapoor: I am old-school at heart, and believe that love should be pure and noble. While I won’t call myself a romantic, I grew up watching romantic films that celebrate nobility in love. And I still believe in that. I know this might sound ridiculous or outdated to some because people have changed the definition of love nowadays...many approach relationships as a means of convenience. But I believe in purity, honesty, respect, and loyalty in a relationship because that is the kind of love I am accustomed to. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people—my family, friends, and personal relationships. For me, it is a deal-breaker if these qualities are not in place.

BT: Which movies have inspired your definition of love?

VK: I enjoy watching all kinds of romantic films. Some of my favourites are The Bridges of Madison County, movies by [filmmaker] Yash Ji [Chopra], which were larger-than-life and so very special... Classics like The Holiday, and many new-age love stories that are great fun to watch. Just about any romantic comedy works for me, to be honest. I am a sucker for romantic films...they leave me feeling happy.

BT: What brings you joy?

VK: My family and friends. I am close to a handful of people, and each of them means the world to me. I won’t go around making 50 friends; I am not very social. My circle is very limited, but I hold on very tightly to those in my life, and I will always be there for them. I follow the same principle when it comes to my movies—I will work on a few projects but give each my all. Food gives me a lot of joy, too. And I love watching movies; I can binge-watch all day long. The simple things in life make me the happiest.

BT: What kinds of food do you enjoy?

VK: All kinds. My friend [actor] Anushka Ranjan lives in the same building as me, and when we are not at each other’s home’s, which is all the time, we keep sharing photographs of food on Instagram [laughs]. I am passionate about food and not many people believe it because I look slim. I enjoy Indian and Chinese cuisines, French fries, pizzas, spicy Korean noodles, sushi, and desserts...you name it! The thing is, my portion sizes are huge—I can eat like a man or even more than one! You could compete with me, and I will still eat more. This is why I mentioned Anushka, in case you ever want to cross-check with her.

BT: And what makes you sad?

VK: Many things...I am a hypersensitive person. I get easily affected by things. However, I don’t show this to others, especially when it comes to issues that deeply affect me. I try to stay in control with bigger issues, but sometimes the small things can get me worked up, especially if it is regarding someone I care about.

BT: What has been your greatest learning over the past year?

VK: I have learnt to be more aware. And to be grateful. I know this sounds very philosophical, but it is true. I have been reading a lot—The Buddha in Your Mirror, Open by Andrea Agassi, Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty—even though I wasn’t an avid reader earlier. And I have discovered that books give me peace, happiness, and joy. Over the last year, I also had a very strong, creative itch to try something new, like learning tennis, but then I realised that to even think like this was a privilege. There are so many who have been left unemployed by the pandemic and people are battling many issues...I am grateful that I could be financially secure, safe at home, and eat two meals. I don’t need many things in life; I am happy with what I have.

Emotionally, I had some ups and downs, like everyone else. There are days when I feel lonely and sad because I don’t live with my family. I live alone with two cats—Kiki and Koko—who are the only two walking souls in my home. I miss my friends and family, but I’m coping. We have been FaceTimeing to stay in touch, but there are days when I get extremely low...the kind of blues you can’t explain. But then I pick myself up and am happy and thankful for everything I have going for me in life.

BT: Does this inner strength find its way into your professional life as well?

VK: I am a lazy person, but when it comes to work, I am a super-determined girl! If I put my head and heart to something, I give it my all. I value and respect work, a lot. On other days, I can zone out very easily...I can jump from one conversation to the next, and not even realise it, like a space cadet [laughs]. But I take work very seriously, and you won’t see me laid-back there at all.

BT: Where do you get this willpower from?

VK: From the strong women I have grown up with. My mother, sister, and cousins: I think, on a very subliminal level, I have imbibed these values from them. I truly believe I am very lucky to be surrounded by such strong women. I believe that women, in general, are very determined. And when it comes to proving ourselves, we don't leave any stone unturned. 

BT: What was it like growing up with your sister, and how has your relationship evolved over the years?

VK: Like all siblings, my sister [Nupur Chopra] and I fought a fair bit...we’d pull each other’s hair, and there would be slippers flying across the room. Sometimes we would fight over friends. They were very silly, lame fights. But now, we truly treasure those memories. We look back and laugh about how silly were we. Those were amazing times. Nupur got married when she was 18-years-old and moved to Amsterdam. I was 15 then and was on my own after that. But even though we have lived in different countries, we share a very loving bond. I am very possessive about her like I am about my family. I would do anything for them. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same for their families. My family is my foundation and they have given me a purpose to excel in life and follow my dreams.


Styled by Ayesha Amin Nigam and Shaurya Athley, Interview by Radhika Bhalla. 


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