Experiencing Pre-Wedding Jitters? Here's How to Cope

If you're planning to tie the knot this year, buckle up and get ready to encounter a whirlwind of emotions.

Listen up, it is *totally* normal. Yup, we are talking about pre-wedding jitters and cold feet. As you enter a new phase of life, mild panic and uncertainty can be expected, at the least. However, if you notice that the wedding-induced stress is exceeding all bounds, it may become a cause of concern. 

As if brides worrying about overshooting their budget, standing out amidst a crowd of well-dressed guests, and preparing their trousseau wasn't enough. With the ongoing global pandemic and the looming fear of contracting the virus, such stereotypical wedding troubles have taken a back seat. And, at such a time, it is but natural to experience heightened levels of stress and anxiety—as you're compelled to re-vision your bridal dreams and bring your larger-than-life imagination back to reality. 

"'A blessing in disguise, if you may? Take your situation as an opportunity to focus less on the obvious details of the wedding—such as your ensemble, guest list, décor etc. Instead, savour the peaceful union between you and your partner, connect with one another, and revel in the beauty of what brought you two together. With the intimate set-up in place amidst coronavirus, you no longer have to force smiles or greet unknown faces. Take the time to bond with those closest to you," suggests Pamela Puja Kirpalani, Life Coach and Author.

Remind yourself that when all this is over, you will get an opportunity to throw an after-wedding party, celebrating your union with your loved ones. This thought, in itself, can unleash a heavy burden of fear and disappointment, allowing you to enjoy your special moments with the ones that mean the most to you. 

According to Namha Malhotra, Founder of Castles and Coasters, tying the knot with another being—irrespective of whether you’ve known them for months or decades—evokes emotions that cannot be put into words. These fresh, overwhelming feelings often take time to absorb and may give way to bridal anxiety, with brides-to-be questioning the choices and decision they have made. 

"I dealt with both good and bad anxiety. Good because I was going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, and bad because I felt like I didn’t have control over anything. I followed an ABCDE model, which put things into perspective for me and enabled me to focus on what mattered most, our relationship. It helped me think of all the special milestones we had coming our way—such as our first holiday, our first festival celebrations together, our first family activity, and a lot more," reveals Namha, who recently got hitched to her then best friend and now business partner. 

Take a look at the ABCDE model that helped calm her nerves: 

A: Assume not to assume. Steer away from conjecture.

B: Breathe. The universe will convene to make sure that everything goes well—even if it may not be exactly as planned. 

C: Categorise. Prepare lists, stay organised, and work in order of priority.

D: Delegate. It's pointless trying to do everything by yourself. Allow your friends and family to be connected to your journey as well.

E: Embrace change, don’t fight it.

Stress and anxiety is a part of all our lives—as change is the only constant. So, this wedding season, don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on the love in the air, make memories, and evolve as you pave the way through your journey of life.  


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