Bhumi Pednekar: "I Want to Inspire My Partner With My Ambition, Not Have Them Feel Threatened By It"

Digital coverstar Bhumi Pednekar plucks out the juiciest experiences of life for herself, and shares her fresh views on love, relationships, and wedding décor.

Bold and unapologetically fierce, Bhumi Pednekar has become synonymous with shaking up conventional ways of being, especially with her movie choices. And that has been right from her debut in Bollywood, in Dum Laga Ke Haisha where she essayed the role of an overweight wife, to her recent release Badhaai Do where she plays the role of a lesbian girl who enters a marriage of convenience with a gay man. Real, rebellious, and socially relevant, Bhumi’s penchant for unique storytelling has earned her respect for her craft.

Read this special piece to know all about Bhumi’s outlook on the perfect wedding, perfect partner, and the secret to long-lasting friendships...

Nandini Bhalla: What is your definition of romance?

Bhumi Pednekar: “Earlier, I was more willing to please the other person. Love, in my books, was about submission...and that’s probably why my previous relationships did not work. Today, however, I view love as compatibility, being good friends, and getting along with each other. I don’t want to be with someone who tries to dim my ambition, judge me, or complain that I don’t have time for them, as that has happened in the past where someone was insecure just because I was being photographed. I want to inspire my partner with my ambition, not have them feel threatened by it.”

NB: How do you resolve conflict in a relationship? 

BP: “In the past, I would try to sort things out immediately. But over the years, I have learned to be more patient. Now, I give people space...and I like my own space, too. I have learnt not to react to a situation immediately as being patient can help resolve many issues.”

NB: Are you seeing someone currently?

BP: “No.”

NB: Is it tough to date as a celebrity?

BP: “I won’t say it’s tough, but you do have to be careful because one can be vulnerable. Which is why if I meet someone outside the film fraternity, I am a bit wary...I don’t want to be anyone’s claim to fame.”

NB: What is your definition of a good relationship?

BP: “Security, loyalty, and love.”

NB: What would your own wedding be like?

BP: “I’ve thought about it a few times... Earlier, I imagined it to be a large affair, because I have such a large family and they love to party! But now, I might want a smaller, simpler affair. My wedding must be sustainable and hurts my heart to see the wastage that takes place at weddings. I would like to show people that you can have a beautiful wedding while still being eco-conscious. For instance, decorate with local flowers instead of flying down exotic blooms from different cities or countries. Or use only reusable and recyclable items. I might still end up having lots of functions at my wedding, but I will ensure that it is a sustainable celebration.”

NB: What do you imagine yourself wearing as a bride?

BP: “I’ve always imagined myself as a sexy bride. So, I’ll wear something that is sensual but also traditional. And I love jewellery like many girls do... I’ll wear one of my mother’s heirloom pieces, for sure.”

NB: What kind of wedding guest are you?

BP: “I love weddings! I make a really good bridesmaid because I take the role very seriously. At weddings, I love to dance...and I absolutely love to eat!”

NB: Do you ever do your own make-up at shoots?

BP: “I really enjoy wearing make-up, and I believe that I know my own face the best. Luckily, I work with a great team of make-up artists, and I trust them to do a good job but occasionally, if I’m feeling a bit stressed, I ask them to let me do my own make-up. It calms me down; it’s almost therapeutic for me.”

NB: What’s the one make-up product you swear by?

BP: “Lip is such a multi-tasker. I use a tinted one, which I apply on my lips, cheeks, and eyes. And if I’m allowed to pick another product, I’d say concealer.”