5 Trending Couple Tattoo Designs You Will See Everywhere!

Award-winning tattoo artist Lokesh Verma shares the trending matching couple tattoo ideas that are all the rage this year!

Award-winning tattoo artist Lokesh Verma and founder of Devil’z Tattooz shares how you can play an ode to your love in a more creative way. Here are his picks of popular matching couple tattoos that are all the rage this year.

Name / Date Tattoos

"Many couples tend to get each other's names inked to show how much they love someone. The most popular example of this was Saif Ali Khan’s tattoo for his lady love, Kareena Kapoor. You can also get special dates tattooed, a wedding anniversary, or the first time you met. These are special memories and moments to cherish." 
Matching Tattoos

"For an everlasting bond, a lot of people also prefer to find that one common love, the thing that connects them as a tattoo, music notes, objects, hobbies or even anything else symbolic of their love. The reason for the connection. Even, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas marked the first anniversary of their engagement by getting matching tattoos to celebrate that."
Connecting Tattoos

"Connecting or the half and half tattoo is complete only when the couple is together. Thus, depicting that they are incomplete without each other. One example is the heartbeat tattoo that runs from one to the other. Couples who are in a long-distance relationship also get connecting tattoos to represent how you and your bae may be miles apart but still connected."

Minimalistic Tattoos

"To make a big impact, go small! A Lot of people like to keep things personal, super discreet, nothing too elaborate, visible, flashy, or bold. For such private and simple people, minimalistic tattoos are the best options, small tattoos to define the large amount of love you feel.  Want to convey a powerful message in a subtle way? Then small tattoos characterized with clean lines are the way to go!

Fingerprint Tattoos

"Something new and very unique is getting the fingerprint of your partner printed on yourself, it’s like a signature of love inked on you, the ultimate seal of love."


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