5 Easy Ways to Pretty Up Your Dining Table

Decor Ideas to create a standout space

The dining table is at the heart of any house party. It's where you serve delicious meals, trigger conversations and enjoy good time with your guests. Since, this is one space which draws most attention, it's only right that you'd want to create a stunning standout space. To help you elevate your dining table to the next level in a matter of minutes, we asked Nihal Kalra, founder and creative director, The Décor Kart to suggest a few easy ideas. “Start off by setting a colour palette and then build up a collection of little extras to make the table shine. Focus on the little details like tying the cutlery into a bundle with ribbon or twine. Don't forget that the dinnerware you choose will be the focal point of attention. Choose carefully to add that extra edge to your table setting. Personalized touch that makes an exceptional dinner table layout,” says Nihal. 

Given below are a list of things that Nihal believes are essential to keep in mind while setting up the table.

Keep Fresh Fruits

You can make use of fresh fruits to decorate your table. If you have been using ordinary jars to put apples, oranges, grapes, and other fruits, think beyond. Here are a few options that you can use: Platters--the best thing about going for a platter is its openness. Once you have kept it on the table, you can easily keep the fruits on it without causing any damage to them. No one likes to take a scarred apple, and with the use of a platter, you are ensuring that there are none. Besides, it adds to the style as well. Pick a large or small size based on the area of the table. Choose either a footed bowl; if you want to have decor which looks classic and comes with narrative artistic influences in great designs, a footed fruit bowl is what you need. Or you choose a normal bowl if you prefer simplicity, normal oval bowls are there as well.

Decorate with Indoor Plants

If you are a nature lover, you can use fresh plants to decorate the dining table.  Pick two or three plants in a beautiful vase to keep at the center of the table. Indoor Plants should be small and not create clutter. You can also keep vases with flowers where you can pick seasonal flowers neatly arranged in the vase for the same effect. You can choose succulents. They are thick and are capable of retaining moisture. They do not need too much maintenance and hardly need regular watering. 

Put Some Candies and Nuts

If you can’t have fresh fruits on the dining table every day, there are other things that you may try. Nuts and candies are a great alternative to the fruits as they are non-perishable. Include nut bowls or candy bowls in the home decor ideas. Nut bowls or candy bowls should be carefully picked keeping in mind the theme of the room.

Add Some Candles 

While an occasional semi-lit environment enhances an aura of mystique, aromatic infusions enhance the mood and add character to the surrounding. Elegantly contemporary styling to aroma candles in crystal ware, the splendor in niceties is forever captivating.For larger tables, you can consider buying more than one as well.  Invite your guests to dinner and light the scented candles. Your visitors will surely remember the candlelight dinner for a long time to come.
A Bonus Tip: "A glamorous decor scheme with interesting shapes and textures can add aesthetic appeal, and is a great conversation starter. Accessorizing with crystal candle stands enhances the regal charm of the setting. Adding fragrance and flowers is definitely a fail proof tip for any party!" says Nihal.



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