5 anniversary gift ideas for a food-obsessed partner

From a portable coffeemaker to a regional cookbook, these will surely impress!

Getting a gift for your partner on your wedding anniversary can be a daunting task—you want the present to be special and meaningful, and something that will they’ll cherish for years to come. And while gifting a food hamper or a gourmet box of chocolates can be tempting (and easy!), go the extra mile with these gifts that are sure to bowl them over.

Ahead, discover five anniversary gift ideas for your partner who lives and breathes all things food. 

A cool apron if they are an organised cook 

If your partner prefers organisation over chaos in the kitchen, and wouldn’t dare to get their hands (or clothes!) dirty during the process, then a snazzy apron might just be the perfect anniversary gift. This colourful chequered one is a collaboration between fashion label Nor Black Nor White and Diaspora Co, a fair-trade South Asian spice company. 

An Aeropress if they’re a coffee fiend 

If your partner is someone who can’t function without their coffee fix even when they’re travelling and are quite particular about their cuppa Joe, then an Aeropress is definitely the best gift you can get them—the Go version is perfect for making coffee on-the-go, be it an Americano, an espresso or a cold brew. It takes just under a minute to brew hot coffee and about two minutes for a cold brew. 

A stand mixer if they’re a baking enthusiast

As someone who is an enthusiastic baker, I’ll be the first one to say that everyone who likes to bake has at some point dreamed of owning a fancy-schmancy stand mixer, if they don’t already have one. The KitcheAid stand mixer is a classic, and comes in a host of colours so you can pick one according to the aesthetic your partner likes!

A cookbook if they like discovering new regional recipes 

If your beau loves experimenting in the kitchen and is always up for trying new recipes, they will appreciate a cookbook they can get inspired from. Why Cook by Archana Pidathala, who’s also behind the best-selling Five Morsels of Love, features 90 heirloom recipes spanning the country—from south India to western coast to the Himalayan region.

A set of cute snack bowls if they love ceramics 

We’re yet to meet a foodie who’s not equally enthusiastic about ceramics—plating is as important as cooking—and this set of five ceramic bowls by Nicobar are ideal vehicles for snacks, condiments, and more.  All the bowls feature unique blue-and-white patterns and will make for a thoughtful present for your partner!