The best colour palettes for a winter wedding

From winter blues to wine-hued tones, these pantones need to be on every winter bride’s radar.

Whether it's the timeless romance that comes with low temperatures or the rare humidity-free weather promised by the last few months of the year, winter weddings continue to be every bride's top preference. Crafting the perfect ambiance for a frosty fairy tale involves choosing a colour palette that plays a pivotal role in setting the tone. When temperatures drop, subtle and sophisticated hues take centre stage. And so, here is our list of colour palettes that can help you create the perfect backdrop for your perfect wedding in cooler climates:

Blue and Silver Tones

Channel winter's cool-toned energy with a blend of serene blue and silver tones. Subtle yet impactful, these colours complement almost all skin tones and will ensure your bridal outfit is nothing short of magical. Incorporate frosty elements like crystal accents and metallic details into decor to tune into the winter wonderland aesthetic. Think sleek silver tableware against deep blue linens for an elegant contrast. Play with lighting, using icy blue hues to create an ethereal ambiance reminiscent of moonlit winter nights and you’re good to go.

Monochrome White-on-White

The minimalist white-on-white palette is a timeless choice for any sophisticated event. Embrace layers of white, from ivory to pearl, to create depth and visual interest in the ambiance. Play with textures like lace, silk, and frosted glass to craft an ethereal setting. White florals against crisp linens and porcelain tableware offer an understated elegance that speaks volumes.

Dusky Pastels


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Pink and purple pastels bring a gentle, romantic touch to winter weddings. Integrate these colours into lehengas or sarees through subtle ombré patterns or tonal embroideries. Dress tables with subtle pink and lavender runners for a muted colour accent. Set up delicate-hued candles and floral centrepieces showcasing roses and lilacs. To align with the theme, introduce elements like softly tinted glassware or pastel-themed table settings.

Champagne and Gold

Another classic choice, champagne and gold exude opulence and warmth. Implement these hues in your outfit with lavish embellishments, sari work, or sequin detailing on sherwanis and lehengas. The shimmering effect of these under the winter sun is sure to complement the festive vibe. Opt for gold-rimmed glassware or champagne-coloured tablecloths. Centrepieces
featuring gilded branches or gold-dipped flowers also create a luxurious focal point.

Rich Shades


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A timeless combination and the colour of the season, cherry red is the go-to choice for both traditional and modern brides alike. Ashima Arora and Rasmeen Sawhney, Co-founders of Aroosi, a boutique wedding design company, share, “A blend of maroon and Indian red, seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of warmth and romance. As we dive into creating the decor for a special couple, we can already feel the excitement, knowing these warm and vibrant colours will turn their celebration into something truly breathtaking.”

In terms of décor, one can opt for sumptuous velvet burgundy tablecloths, creating a luxurious foundation. Enhance the ambiance with wine-coloured runners, adding depth and texture to your tablescape. Skip the floral arrangements for unconventional centrepieces like cascading candle installations or wine bottle displays.

Monochrome Black

In the realm of winter wedding palettes, monochrome black emits a bold, avant-garde energy. Though unconventional and not the ideal choice for attire, it lends a dramatic edge to the occasion in terms of décor. One can use black as an accent, incorporating it through sleek details like ebony table runners or matte black tableware. Combine with metallic elements like silver or gold for a high-contrast effect.