How to build a jewellery collection that stands the test of multiple occasions

Discover the secrets of building a versatile and timeless collection!

In this time of social media where trends barely last a few weeks, it is tricky business to try building a wardrobe and even trickier business to try assembling a jewellery collection that perfectly complements your wardrobe and personal style.
The greatest quality of the perfect jewellery collection is timelessness. Buying junk jewellery may be more economical but you need to remember that they fall apart very quickly, thus, investing in good quality jewellery will prove to be better as they last you a lifetime. Now when it comes to what kind of jewellery will be best suited for you it can get a little confusing because the choices are endless, a few tips and tricks will definitely be of help to you and that is what we are here for…

Figure out what your skin tone is

What jewellery looks best on you often depends on your skin tone. Gold looks better on warmer tones, whereas silver looks better on cooler tones.  There are several ways to figure out your skin tone, but the most common and foolproof way is to look at the veins on the inner side of your wrist. If your veins have a greenish tinge to them then you have a warm skin tone on the other hand if your veins have a blue tinge to it then you have a cool skin tone. 

Get the best of both worlds  


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Gold jewellery makes for beautiful accessories are a must in any collection but they are extremely expensive. A good and sturdy alternative to solid gold jewellery is gold-plated silver jewellery. They would still be timeless as they are made of silver which is a precious metal and they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. When looking for such pieces Shop Lune and Moi are great places to start, they have a range of pretty and minimalistic designs which are great for everyday wear as well as evening wear.

Multipurpose are the new essentials 

Picking daily wear pieces is a very necessary step in building a jewellery collection,  but a big problem with traditional everyday jewellery is that you might get bored of wearing them daily. We have a very out-of-the-box solution for this and its multipurpose jewellery. They make for excellent daily wear as you can wear them as a necklace one day and a bracelet the other.  You can browse through brands like Misho which offer pendants which can also be worn as earrings, they also have chokers which turn into statement headpieces. 

The ultimate bejeweled accessory

Whether you want to go for a streetwear look or a clean girl look, rings will make or break your outfits and thus are a very important part of your jewellery arsenal. A statement ring will give that extra edge to your outfit, making you the center of attention. A great example of this is fingertip rings which sit snugly on your fingers masquerading as metallic nails. Dainty rings on the other hand give you a more casual look and complement your outfit. It all depends on how you stack or style your rings. Trends will come and go but rings are pieces that will stay as they are the most versatile piece of jewellery you can own. Outhouse jewellery is one such brand where you can find a huge variety of rings for all your needs and aesthetics. 

Make a forever statement with pearls

No jewellery collection is complete without extravagant and opulent pieces. But they are their own enemy when it comes to standing against the test of multiple occasions as they are so eye-catching that you might not want to wear them again and again. A good way to combat this problem would be to go for statement pieces with pearls. Pearls are something which have been in vogue ever since their inception. They are also incredibly sturdy (many pearl jewelleries are also heirlooms).