8 wildly sexy Valentine’s Day ideas for couples

Make sure it’s a steamy one!

The moment you mention Valentine’s Day, many people spring into action to say how you should celebrate love every day and not just on February 14. Yes, deep, deep down in our hearts we do agree with this, but, let’s be honest, in today’s day and age, when all the energy we have left after a tiring day at work goes into our seven-step skincare routine, it’s difficult to celebrate anything every day.

So, while we are here to take time out from our busy lives, amid days of discussing groceries and office shenanigans, let’s dedicate this day to doing something fun in the horny department. You can try new things in bed on any day of the year, but so can you have cake, and yet you cut it on your birthday.

This Valentine’s Day, schedule sexy time and prep yourself for a day of absolute wildness. Sure, this year it’s on Wednesday, but you can choose to take an off from work; your office will survive without you for a day (unless you’re a personality hire, in which case, you will probably be needed to cheer up those who are on the sulking committee of this love event). You may also celebrate your amazing sexual chemistry this weekend instead, so you can do it for longer and not settle for a quickie-esque morning sex (which is pretty good, too, btw).  

Here’s how you can make your sex life rise to the occasion as you celebrate a hot Valentine’s Day (and night) with your boo! Wingardium Leviosa!

Awaken their senses with oral sex

Morning horniness is real and waking them up with a little extra love on Valentine’s Day won’t hurt. You can start by rubbing them down there or simply let them spoon you while you grind against them. Once the temperatures start to soar, and they are semi-awake and a lot more turned on, you can go down on them, if you want to. You can leave it at that or take it all the way to sex!  

Take a hot shower together

With a wake-up call so good, a solo shower will never match up! Make bath time sexier by taking a hot steamy shower together and it really isn’t mandatory to have sex while at it. You can simply enjoy intimacy while you soap up each other’s backs and steal kisses in between. But if you intend to go the route of passionate making out, by all means!

Cook something together semi-naked

Do you remember a time when you both were a little awkward with nakedness? We are talking about being naked while not doing anything sexual—that shows true comfort. Just throw on your partner’s oversized shirt or a t-shirt or put on one of those sexy shorts and camisole sets. You can bond over whipping up a delicious dish together while looking irresistible.

Let them watch you do yourself

It’s barely afternoon and you both are already turned on. At this point, your boo may be thinking it cannot get hotter than this and that’s exactly when you take them by surprise! Be a sex goddess and initiate an intense make-out session with your partner. Once you are dripping wet, bring in a third guest into the picture—your vibrator! If you don’t have one, use your finger. The point is to arouse them with the audio-visual treat you will conjure, while your legs tremble with pleasure. It requires a lot of confidence to do this but once you do it, you will feel an unmatched level of boldness in bed!

Get wordy

Another way to amp up the arousal is to let each other know exactly what you want to do to the other person. You can write a steamy love letter to each other that will read nothing short of erotica. Pen down in great detail how you want to kiss them, the immense passion you feel, what about their body and personality makes you horny, and where you’d like to touch them. The best part? You can keep the letter to read later when getting turned on is feeling a little more difficult than usual.

Let dirty dancing set the mood

It’s not every day that we let the intoxicating power of music seduce us. Many times, it’s simply two people goofily performing all the hook steps to the ‘90s Bollywood songs with a shocking level of perfection.

Layer up and strip down

One would think showing up in tiny teddy-style lingerie would be ideal, but do you know what’s more fun? Layers! And now imagine your boo, stripping you (or you doing it yourself) slowly, removing one piece of clothing at a time. It’s like unwrapping a present and will instantly give both of you a dopamine hit.

Try edging  

Now that you are in the final leg of your sexy time, unleash your kinks as you desire—sex games, BDSM, role play, and everything else you both consent to try. Having said that, focus more on foreplay and delay your orgasm. Wait till you are turned on to a great extent and then finally, finish in the sex position of your choice. The orgasms will be bigger and louder!

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