Why detachment can be a good thing for you and your relationship

Six ways to practice the ultimate form of self-love

Not too long ago, as self-love and solo dates started trending on Instagram, another concept came into the spotlight: detachment. It didn’t take long for people to understand what we now call the art of detachment. Self-love enthusiasts often remind us why detachment is so important in our daily lives.

Detachment isn’t about being emotionally unavailable in a relationship, which is a common mistake. It’s not about avoiding genuine connections with loved ones. Instead, it means being involved in a relationship while setting boundaries, making time for personal growth, and not being completely consumed by the relationship. It's really that simple. Or is it? Even though it sounds easy, mastering detachment is often harder than it seems.

Here are six ways to start your journey to mastering the art of detachment

Make solo-adventures your go-to choice

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As intimidating as it might sound initially, it remains a well-proven fact that the easiest way to fall in love with yourself and establish the purest form of self-connection is by spending more time with oneself. Self-love is a crucial element of detachment, for one needs to seek for a feeling of contentment within. So, grab every opportunity that comes your way for a solo adventure, regardless of how small it might seem to you. A solo-date darling can be your mini solo-adventure too. So embrace all of it as you can.

Resist at first, so you can rejoice later

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Detachment is all about staying out of things that don’t settle well with your soul. The urge to get into an argument after any inconvenience or disagreement in a relationship can seem almost irresistible, but, every time you decide to participate in any unnecessary conversations, you make yourself vulnerable in that relationship (not that it's completely unnecessary), leading you to step away from your journey of detachment. So the next time you are bothered by something trivial that your partner does, step away for some time and come back with a healthier approach to sort things out that suit both of you.

Make self-care fun

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To stay detached, you must connect to yourself entirely and wholly. And what better way to do so than by devoting a few minutes every single day to a fun self-care session? Be it journaling or pampering yourself with a relaxing skin-care routine, self-care is the ultimate and a personal favourite of ours when it comes to this list! And the best part you ask? You can stay as easy-going and simple as you want with this routine or go the extra mile for the bougiest self-care regimen ever.

Engage together but embrace individually

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The best relationships are those which become your support system in everything, and yet allow you the space to embrace your individuality with complete freedom. Engaging and participating in activities or even just household chores together, while you can individually carry out whichever tasks you take up is not only an incredible way of practicing healthy detachment, but it can also make your relationship healthier and more beautiful. 

Monthly check-in rituals

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Communication is one thing that will only make this journey of detachment more beautiful for you. How, you ask? Imagine a relationship where you are actively trying to practice detachment by taking out more time for yourself but you do not communicate this idea with your partner. Your partner misinterprets your decision of practicing more self-love as your withdrawal from that relationship. And so, it remains very significant for individuals in a relationship to have constant conversations about their beliefs, goals, dreams and aspirations, as this allows a lot of room for emotional support and even mutual understanding.

Practicing self-awareness and self-reflection

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Lastly, but most importantly, it will be much easier for you to master detachment once you thoroughly understand why it is good for you and your relationship. Ask yourself questions such as: “how and why do I feel drained in this relationship despite my partner being so loving?” or “how has this relationship caused me to become over-dependent on my partner?”. It is when you ask such questions to yourself do you realise that detachment isn’t necessarily unfair or selfish in a relationship as most people quote. In fact, it is the beautiful amalgamation of love and self-love, where both are given equal importance, without having to compromise either of them.

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