Are you looking to take a break from the hustle culture? Sukoon in Bandra serves as a haven of tranquillity and healthy food

Find calm and good food at Sukoon, Bandra.

Nestled away in the beating heart of Bandra, amid the never-ending pulse of Mumbai, is a hidden jewel—Sukoon. It is more than simply a place to eat, it’s a haven of peace and healthy living. Its philosophy is a holistic idea that encourages visitors to embrace a way of life that's all about taking care of oneself, calming one's mind, and enjoying the small pleasures in life.

As you step into Sukoon you are welcomed by the aroma of freshly made vegan, vegetarian, and satvik food, which they specialise in. Its peaceful and serene ambience is created by the lush flora which surrounds the whole area. Think—a sanctuary of delicious food, soft nostalgic music, and a soothing vibe. 

The culinary philosophy of Sukoon, meticulously designed by Suren Joshi and executed by Chef Tanvi Shah with the assistance of Chef Richard D'souza, is at the core of the restaurant's concept. The menu features dishes that are hearty and pay homage to classic recipes and flavours, all created using organic ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their flavour and quality.

Every meal at Sukoon, from heartfelt morning selections like sourdough toast and ragi dosa, to decadent main courses like wild mushroom congee and undhiyu, is a work of love. The truffle cassava fries, khichu chaat, and Hawaiian tofu bowl have a special combination of flavours and textures that entice the senses.

But Sukoon is a complete retreat for the body, mind, and soul—it's more than just a place to satiate yourself. Besides its food, Sukoon encourages its patrons to embrace well-being with yoga and meditation classes conducted in a tranquil environment. It's an opportunity to re-establish a connection with oneself in a calm setting, away from the bustle of everyday existence.

This is an opportunity to have a slow morning at Sukoon. This will in turn help you focus and be more productive throughout the day. After taking a rejuvenating yoga class surrounded by gorgeous scenery, fill up with a hearty breakfast. Perhaps you might want to spend time with your girlfriends at Sukoon, detoxing and meditating. Or you could enjoy a romantic evening here with your partner savouring delectable food items while listening to timeless Kishore Kumar songs in a garden lit by candles.

One of the most striking aspects of Sukoon's concept is its emphasis on mindfulness and presence. The restaurant encourages guests to fully immerse themselves in the moment by offering a 15 per cent discount for tables with no phone usage. It's a simple yet powerful reminder to slow down, savour the experience, and appreciate the beauty of the present moment.

As Sukoon’s founder Suren Joshi aptly puts it, Sukoon is not just a place to eat—it's a journey to the good old days, a reminder of how the world was meant to be. It's a sanctuary where hours linger and every breath is savoured, where wholesome food intertwines with the tranquillity of a vegetarian garden.


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