6 date night ideas that are perfect for the summer

Remember that saying, ‘tan lines fade but the memories last forever…? We’re here to make sure they do.

I’ve been in the high-school movie  summer phase—sunsets and music by the beach, cycling by the ocean, and kiss under the stars, among other things. In fact, it was only a few days ago that I rewatched my favourite movie series, The Kissing Booth, which spells out summer in every possible way. So far, it has involved planning an island vacation, shopping for the perfect bikini, switching up my playlist with old-school Disney songs and enlisting an umpteen number of summery date nights with my beau. If you’re looking for the perfect summer date night inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. Pro tip? Pick your favourites from here, add some of your own and make it into a bucket list to check off. 

Go cliff diving

Satisfy the adventure bug in you and fly out to that island destination you’ve always been wanting to visit. There is nothing quite as thrilling as pumping up that adrenaline and we can’t think of anything better than cliff jumping.  There may be lots of beach destinations  that you can drive down to for the same as well. We promise that the experience will be the perfect blend of nervousness, excitement and extreme thrill—and it’ll be something that the two of you did together! What else could you ask for? 

Go camping at the beach
Summer is the perfect time to hit the beach. Soak in the sun, sand and ocean, hand-in-hand with your partner and take some much-needed time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. While there’s nothing more romantic than a walk by the beach as the sun sets, we’d definitely recommend staying longer, pitching a tent, packing some marshmallows to roast over a campfire, and enjoy an evening under the stars. 

Go for a cricket match 

Here’s one for all the cricket fans. Come summer, it’s also time for the Indian Premier League (IPL). It’s a great way to watch your favourite cricketers play the game, while you cheer your team. Grab some munchies at the stadium, and kick back to enjoy a thrilling match. You can end the night with a meal at your go-to-restaurant. To make it better, we’d suggest surprising your partner with the tickets! 

Go midnight cycling 
If you want to beat the heat, and avoid the tan lines, this date night idea is perfect! The two of you can choose to rent bicycles and helmets, and decide a route (you could even pay a visit to all those memorable date spots that you’ve been to so far). If not, you can also choose to book a spot with one of the many groups who conduct midnight cycling tours. If you happen to live in Mumbai, then the tour must end with a cup of cutting chai, we insist. 

Go on a picnic 

For those who want to glam up in summer dresses, casual shirts and hats, then going on a picnic date is the perfect idea. Stock up on your favourite munchies, (You can even start prior with a cooking or baking session at home) choose a destination and set out for a long drive, for a sun-kissed picnic in the hills. We’d also recommend curating a special long drive playlist for you to sing along to, and a Polaroid camera to capture those special memories. 

Go kayaking 
Another fun and cute date idea is to go kayaking. If the two of you love being by the water then this date is another successful tick on your bucket list! Drive out to the nearest lakeside camp and spend the day kayaking, and enjoying the views until the sun sets. We’d also recommend going on a digital detox while you’re here, for the perfect romantic getaway.