5 wedding experts list the best destinations around the world that are perfect for a summer wedding

Bookmark these for a scenic, sun-kissed celebration.

Planning to tie the knot this summer? With travel on the rise and a wide choice of retreats across the world, you can choose to have the wedding of your dreams anywhere you like. Nothing spells opulence and grandeur more than a destination wedding straight out of a fairy tale – from glitzy Dubai to powder-soft beaches in Thailand to sundowners on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, or evoking old-time charm in a French Chateau! We got experts – wedding planners and photographers - to let us in on their list of what will be hot on the wedding map this summer. If you’ve been having a tough time trying to zero in on where to host your dream wedding, here is some inspiration. 

Phuket, Thailand

“Phuket is always high on my list for several reasons. For one, you get direct flights from cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai, so flight connectivity is great. There are lots of things to do and see, so for those who love adventure activities, this becomes an extended stay after the wedding celebration. Lastly, Phuket has at least 100 resorts that are capable of holding weddings, in addition to having technical support solution providers, florists, decorators, caterers, entertainment designers, videographers and makeup artists. While it may be hot, tower ACs and coolers take care of that. I want to also sound out Ras Al-Khaima, UAE, and Qatar as the next big destinations to watch out for. They will be the game changers.”

- Joel John, director, Rainmaker Events & Entertainment  


“Couples today are looking for less commercial and more personalised, offbeat locations, and for a lot of them Iceland is emerging as a popular destination for their pre-wedding shoots. It’s an incredibly diverse country with a stark contrast between the turf homes and cliffs of the North, to the black beaches, canyons, rainbow and diamond beaches that the country is renowned for. This allows a couple to make entire albums of a 3 or 4-day trip. 

Couples also find it adventurous to hike the Golden Circle and Laugavegur Trail, while the South Coast along the Ring Road makes for an incredibly scenic backdrop and the waterfalls, glacier lagoons and small picturesque towns of the South form a visual spectacle that makes for a beautiful wedding memory.” 

- Siddharth Goel, co-founder, Camlition Productions

Hua Hin, Thailand 

“As a wedding planner, I believe that Hua Hin is a unique destination for weddings due to its breathtaking natural scenery and stunning beaches that provide a picturesque setting. A major advantage is that there’s no language barrier as English is widely spoken and transportation is also readily available with taxis, tuk-tuks, and rental cars. Hua Hin is just a few hours drive from Bangkok (easily accessible by plane or train) making it a convenient touchdown for guests from different parts of the world.

 Furthermore, for Indian weddings, Hua Hin has a number of hotels and resorts that offer Indian cuisine prepared by experienced Indian chefs and they also ensure that dietary requirements and preferences are met for guests who may be Jain, vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions.”

- Nikita Dubey Bahukhandi, partner, Shubhtithi Weddings

Paris and Budapest

“There are three weddings that I’m currently planning and everyone wants to go to one place – Paris! People love the city’s architecture and the sheer romance that it exudes. The show Emily in Paris has given the destination a further boost. 

Another location that’s big when it comes to the wedding party scene, is Budapest. We’re seeing a revival of interest here. So, you wrap up your wedding in India and then head to Budapest for an after-party or they plan to just do a small wedding in India and then one big celebration in months like May, June or July in Budapest. It’s the perfect time to visit the country. The sunlight is just magical in Europe at this time and the photos are just that much prettier.”

- Neelabh Kapoor, founder & creative director, Studio Neelabh



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“Turkey gets my vote. It offers two major aspects for those looking for a destination wedding: beach and palace; kind of like the best of both worlds, which very few countries offer. It’s totally Instagram-worthy – you have stunning mandaps set against the backdrop of the turquoise TurkAegean and beautiful greenery. I’ve just done a pretty wedding in Turkey at the Mardan Palace.

Antalya is apt too, as the weather is great in April and May. It’s not humid and sticky. In fact, in April the winter is just about getting over so for people who are seeking a winter wedding, they can still do it in this month.  Antalya is by the beachside so you have a lovely breeze as well. Décor experts are easily available and you have Indian caterers like Foodlink  there too, so one can enjoy great Indian cuisine. As a wedding destination, Turkey nails it!”

- Megha Israni Bhatia, founder, Israni Photography