#BTExclusive Amit Aggarwal on His Vibrant New Collection and the Latest Bridal Trends to Know

The designer chats with Brides Today about his vision for the new-age Indian bride, his latest collection 'Supernova' and the future of bridal couture.

Over the past decade, Amit Aggarwal's name has become an integral part of every bride's checklist—be it for their choice of cocktail or reception outfit, a pre-wedding soirée or forever-keepsakes to include in their trousseau. And, with his menswear offerings fast gaining popularity with the modern groom, it seems like the designer's unique vision for occasionwear is fast gaining a cult following amongst his discerning clientele. Brides Today sat down with the master couturier to chat about his vision for the new-age Indian bride, his latest collection Supernova which offers a multi-hued take on his signature style, the future of bridal couture and more. 

Brides Today: In your own words, share the inspiration behind your new collection Supernova

Amit Aggarwal: Supernova is a reflection of our own life journeys—mine as much as yours—where I re-started viewing life around me through the lens of colour. I got inspired by the eternal energy that rests within me and the people around me. I see each life being a special shining star, illuminating the darkest of skies and awaiting to burst with million colours, celebrating what makes each of us unique and very, truly us.

BT: Tell us about the defining colours, silhouettes and techniques.

AA: The collection reflects that brilliant shine, colour and light through Amit Aggarwal’s signature metallic polymer techniques and textiles in conjunction, with the uniqueness of individual human qualities. A hyper luminous pink story with all its hues and tones that reflects passion and vitality. The ideas of fertility and nurture come to life through the radiant shades of green. The monochrome palette of grey, silver, pewter and mica shimmers with the qualities of zen and balance.

The collection features menswear and womenswear across couture, luxury pret and classic brand pieces. The collection dives deeper into the brand’s unique ability to structure fluid textiles into modern-day couture. Rubber cording has been hand-embroidered on multicolour textiles created by handweaving polymer, with added details in silk thread cording, glass pipes and ceramic beads.

These intricate textile crafts make up featherlight lehengas with structured blouses and drapes, modern sarees with plisse and draping, draped dresses, structured bodice and pant sets, fluid silk draped tops, day dresses and capes. The men’s collection features tuxedos, waistcoats, kurtas with draped pants and longline shirts.  

BT: Has the pandemic changed the preferences of the Indian bride?

AA: After the pandemic, we have resurfaced with altered selves— newer versions of the same old us. A higher breed has evolved that adapts to change, rejoices in new connections and finally celebrates what we stand for on the other side. The pandemic has definitely changed the game when it comes to the choices for Indian brides immensely. 

BT: Tell us three trends to know for the 2022 bride and wedding guest?

AA: One of the hottest trends of 2022 is the colour play with the amalgamation of brights and pastels. Along with this, textures will also be popular during the wedding season this year. Brides and guests can also look forward to couture married with comfort in upcoming collections. 

BT: Your use of new-age materials is distinctive. What inspires this ethos?

AA: I’ve always been fascinated by materials that are malleable for multiple usages. Our signature polymer, for instance, has the ability to structure linearly and at the same time get moulded into amorphous forms. This excites me a lot and keeps me open to exploring more with it. The coming together of new-age material with the traditional skills of weaving or embroidery radically changes the visual aspect of craftsmanship. I think it opens doors to the new and unexpected.

BT: Where do you see Indian couture heading in the coming future?

AA: For me, honestly, the future will expand from not just bridal couture to multiple aspects of celebration, suited to any of the important days of your life. I think people like to wear something special that speaks of their personality and is unique in its own aspect. This paves the way for a lot more interesting things in the future, where couture is not just lehengas or sarees ,but also eclectic pieces of clothing, very interesting separates. Conceptual clothing which I think will become a norm in the years to come.


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