7 reasons why Madhuri Dixit would be spectacular as Mallikajaan in ‘Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar’

Having ruled our hearts for decades, the actor as the central character in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s maiden web series would be the star who shines brightest had she got the role.

She’s a spectacular dancer, a fabulous actor, and a fashion icon whose elegance and grace has been timeless. If you just closed your eyes and thought of a face and it wasn’t Madhuri Dixit, who were you even thinking about? Having recently-watched Netflix’s Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, we couldn’t help but imagine a parallel universe where she plays the central character of Mallikajaan, the queen of Heeramandi. While we take nothing away from Manisha Koirala’s spectacular performance, watching Dixit on the screen teaming up with Sanjay Leela Bhansali one more time would be a sight for sore eyes. 

Here are seven reasons why we think Dixit would be spectacular as Mallikajaan. 

A diva who was born to dance

Characters and movies have come and gone in her career spanning close to forty years. but dance is the one thing that has stayed constant throughout. If you thought only actors and not dancers can be versatile, know that Dixit can do both "Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai" (Nayak) and "Kay Sera Sera" (Pukar), two completely contrasting songs in terms of pace, style, and setting with her eyes closed to light up the stage with her infectious energy and expressions. With the show revolving around the life of several courtesans, Heeramandi would have given Bhansali and Dixit the chance to recreate the magic of "Maar Daala" and "Dola Re Dola" (Devdas) all over again. 


A courtesan with confidence, craft, and charisma

Having given Hindi cinema one of its most iconic courtesans on screen in the 2002 film Devdas (a movie that was directed by Bhansali), Dixit sure knows what it’s like to play a courtesan. Add to that, Dixit got to showcase her acting chops in the same genre in Dedh Ishqiya and Kalank as well. Watching her dance and command the room with her radiant energy and elegance makes us wish we could see it all over again. 

Both have gotten better with age

Mallikajaan is a character who has stood the test of time. From a rank outsider to climb up the ladder of success and becoming the Queen of Heeramandi is a remarkable character arc. Dixit, a phenomenal actor who has aged like fine wine, has been the Queen Bee across decades and a legend who continues to rule her hearts. With her timeless grace , she’s a name that belongs on the throne of Heeramandi. 

Fits the character traits of Mallikajaan like a glove

Radiating all things beauty and grace Mallikajaan is a character whose presence and energy light up the room in seconds. While we can’t put a price on it, Madhuri Dixit sure has a million-dollar smile that’s enchanted us all. With her effortless and exquisite ability to stand out in a crowd, her presence is something that only adds to the grandeur and scale of Heeramandi.  


Chemistry with her co-stars

Good actors act, while great actors make their co-stars shine in the same scene as well. And that’s something that comes naturally to Dixit. Known for her professionalism and friendly nature, it’s no surprise to see her being one of the first names that budding actors want to work with. With Mallikajaan having a lot of scenes with the ensemble cast, an actor of Dixit’s calibre is sure to elevate the acting on display by making other characters stand out as well. Having worked with Shekhar Suman before in Manav Hatya (1986) and Tridev (1989), it’ll be great to see them share screen space after all these years. 

The perfect muse

Be it on or off camera, Dixit is a fashion icon who has left us in awe of her ethnic fashion sense for decades. After all, her ghagra is breaking news on TV, all the way from Baghdad to Delhi. Right from being an epitome of grace in lehengas and sarees to rocking gowns on the red carpet, Madhuri is equally at ease in everything she wears. Taking us back to the era of the 1920s and with Bhansali at the helm of affairs, we can’t wait to see the diva set vintage fashion goals. 

An actor who shines in the spotlight

An actor who made us fall in love with love teams up with a director who never fails to promise a visual spectacle. Known to be an actor who surrenders to the creator’s vision, having her as Mallikajaan and working again with SLB is a delight for all those who love cinema. 

Lead image credits: Falguni Mehta/Instagram 

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