5 treatments every bride should get to repair and restore their hair health

From pre- to post wedding, these will keep your mane shiny and healthy.

As a bride-to-be, you may have a million tasks to complete, but don’t let your beauty regime be affected, especially your hair, at all costs. If you’re wondering how to take care of your health before and after your wedding.

It's essential to start your pre-haircare journey six to 12 months in advance of your nuptials, allowing transformative treatments like deep conditioning and hair masks to work their magic. Deep conditioning will strengthen and repair your hair and help it regain its natural bounce. If not this, you can also opt for a hair-conditioning mask. Tailor your treatment to your hair type—for instance, exfoliating treatments work wonders for oily scalps and hydrating masks are effective for dry ones.  

Regular trims are important to maintain healthy, split-end-free hair. It’s important that you don’t go all out with your hair and have a major makeover a few weeks before your wedding, because if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, you won’t have enough time to grow it back. 

Doing a keratin treatment works wonders for those with dry and frizzy hair, but timing is the key here. Go at least a month before your wedding. The treatment requires time to settle and show its effects. What you can also do is use conditioner that will only enhance the keratin treatment.

Avoid heavy treatments immediately before any celebrations, and instead, indulge in regular care like oiling, massage, and steam sessions. 

Hair extensions: For those brides facing issues like hair thinning or are looking for a healthy hair transformation without harsh treatments, human hair extensions seem to be a practical solution. Today, a wide range of hair extension options are available in the market, which makes bridal hair care and styling easier. They come in various styles and forms, including curly or straight, and ponytail extensions that blend seamlessly with natural hair. 

Scalp toppers are especially useful for adding volume and coverage. 

Alongside the best hair extensions, a nutritious diet rich in greens, eggs, berries, and nuts and staying hydrated is crucial for hair health. 

Post-wedding, continue with restorative hair treatments like gentle scalp massages. There’s a good chance that the hair products used during the wedding left your scalp dry and caused itching. The perfect remedy for this is a nice hot oil massage. Furthermore, say no to chemical hair products for some time. Avoid using any chemical-based hair care products until the hair gains back its lost lustre and strength. 

Inputs by Jitendra Sharma, Founder & CEO, Hair Orignals


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