The biggest bridal make-up trends to bookmark for 2024, according to experts

Dewy bases, glazed blush, and subtle contour are having a moment.

For the longest time, being a bride was associated with maximalism. But in the last few years we’ve seen wedding make-up shift from editorial-style glitter eyeshadow, red lips, and drawn-on eyebrows to a more authentic version of the bride’s personal style. Contemporary trends like buildable blush, softer versions of contour, and minimalist lipstick were trending by the latter half of 2023. Remember Sophia Richie’s classic and timeless wedding make-up by Pati Dubroff that went viral on social media? It cemented the reign of understated beauty for the remainder 2023.

This year, too, bridal trends continue to be about keeping things real. Highlighting natural features, rather than masking them is at the core of bridal make-up, with hydrated complexions, flushed cheeks, and subtle glam dominating make-up looks. From candid, glowy bases to feathered brows and lifted lashes, here are wedding trends you need to tune into for 2024, according to industry experts.

Dewy Skin

Talking about the perfect base, bridal make-up artist, Kajol Paswwan shares, “2024 is all about natural or dewy finishes for a fresh, youthful look. Skin-like, lightweight, sheer-to-medium coverage foundations enhance natural beauty without masking texture. Target imperfections with concealer instead of heavy foundation layers. Look for long-lasting formulas that withstand tears and sweat. Consider airbrushing for an even, flawless finish.”

C-sculpt contour  

The C-sculpt technique is a popular method of contouring that adds some dimension and highlights the natural bone structure. It involves contouring using a highlighter and a contour palette—all in the shape of a C, to sculpt and elevate your bone structure. Talking about contour, celebrity make-up artist, Billy Manik shares, “We prefer shading instead of harsh contour lines for brides, as people will see her up, close, and personal. Harsh contour lines are for photo shoots and in a controlled lighting environment. I like creamy highlights and contour because you can always soften them with powder later.”

Glazed blush


Nothing complements dewy bases like glazed blush. The texture of blushes is getting increasingly balmy and glossy, making them perfect for that hydrated and rosy bridal flush. Going in with cream blush along with a liquid highlighter is ideal because they are convenient to blend with fingers as well as a beauty blender. They also look more natural compared to a liquid blush that can get splotchy after long wear. For a more soft and subtle look, application on the apple of the cheeks is recommended. For a more sculpted look, one can go in slightly above the apple of the cheeks for an elevated finish.

Matte Lips

While glossy and dewy continues to be a running theme, when it comes to lips, a classic matte is still a make-up artist's top choice. “For texture, it is definitely matte lips all the way as I think it lasts much longer than glossy lipsticks. Also, a traditional Indian bride wears a nose ring, and with that, matte lips definitelt work the best,” says Manik, As for colour, Paswwan says, “Darker lips pair well with bolder eye looks, while nude lips complement softer make-up.”

Feathered brows

“Groomed brows are mandatory for your picture-perfect bridal look. It frames the face and balances the make-up. Opt for natural and fluffy brows, and avoid overly sculpted, thin brows. Aim for a well-defined, yet natural shape. Feathery brows with a slight arch are the choice of bride in 2024,” says Paswwan.

Elevated lashes

Brides are gravitating towards more subtle and soft eye looks, especially in brown and taupe shades. “Previously, brides wanted a typical heavy kohl-eyed look, but now they opt for a more editorial-like finish,” says Manik. 

The best finishing touch to any bridal make-up look is elevated lashes. The key to the perfect set is to keep in mind that they look like your natural lashes, but better. Extremely bulky and fake-looking falsies are completely out of style. Opt for a lifted set, to add that extra touch without going overboard. 


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