Beauty tips for the monsoon bride

Don't let the downpour dampen your glow on your special day!

Monsoon weddings are like a fairytale! Picture this: you and your sweetheart, standing under a sky full of raindrops, saying your "I do's" while the weather dances around you. But there is a not-so-glamorous side of monsoons: the dreaded humidity. A major concern for monsoon brides is keeping your make-up on point amidst the moisture.

For an Indian bride preparing to tie the knot during this enchanting season, it's essential to adapt your beauty routine to ensure your radiance shines through, come rain or shine. From skincare to make-up and hair care, this article presents essential beauty tips to help you look stunning on your special day!

Prep your skin
Say "hello" to fresh and flawless skin before you say "I do" to your dream partner! Let's start off by banishing those pesky impurities with a deep cleansing session. Grab an oil-free cleanser that suits your skin type and give your face a clean slate. Once that's done, restore balance and shrink those pores with a refreshing toner.

Pro tip: Opt for a lightweight, water-based moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated without feeling like a greased lightning!

Here are some easy-peasy tips to maintain a glowing complexion:

Cleansing: Twice a day, use a gentle cleanser to bid farewell to dirt and oil on your face. This step works wonders in preventing clogged pores and pesky acne.

Exfoliation: Get your radiant glow on by regularly exfoliating to remove dead skin cells. Just remember to choose a mild scrub and exfoliate once or twice a week, so you don't go overboard.

Moisturising: Stay hydrated, even during the monsoon season! Pick a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer to nourish your skin without feeling like you're wearing a heavy mask.

Sun Protection: Rain or shine, don't forget to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Slather on sunscreen with a high SPF, even on those cloudy days.

Embrace these tips and let your beautiful skin shine as you embark on your happily ever after with your partner. Now go ahead, say "I do" to both love and glowing skin!

Weather-proof make-up
With the right products in your arsenal, you can look flawless and fabulous, rain or shine! Let's go through the steps to achieve a lighthearted and water-resistant bridal look.

Step 1: Primer
Start by applying a silicone-based primer to create a smooth canvas that even Picasso would admire. This magical potion will help your make-up last longer and stay put despite any unexpected raindrops.

Step 2: Foundation
Choose a waterproof and long-wearing foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. Opt for a lightweight formula; you want to be able to dance in the rain without worrying about your foundation melting away!

Step 3: Eye make-up
Invest in waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow to prevent smudging and panda eyes. We all know that monsoon downpours in India can be quite intense, but with these waterproof eye products, you can embrace the rain without turning into a raccoon bride! Consider using neutral tones and pastel shades for a fresh and dewy look that will complement your monsoon wedding vibes.

Step 4: Lips
Pucker up, rain-proof style!
Opt for long-lasting, waterproof lipsticks or lip stains that will stick by your side throughout the festivities! Choose vibrant shades that make you feel like the vibrant queen you are. Don't forget a lip liner to keep your lip colour on lockdown, even during those rain-soaked kisses!

Stay shine-free
A mattifying powder or blotting sheets are your knight in shining armour against unwanted oiliness. Keep them handy for quick touch-ups and ensure you're always ready for your close-up, rain or shine!

Protect your locks
Arm yourself with anti-frizz serums or hair creams that will tame your locks and keep them in check. Consider elegant up-dos or braided hairstyles that won't unravel in the face of monsoon madness. Accessorize your hairstyle with embellished hair clips, flowers, or tiaras to add a touch of glamour while keeping your hair in place.


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