An International Makeup Artist Shares Makeup Favourites For the Indian Bride

Ralph Lteif, international makeup artist from Dior, answers burning bridal beauty questions!

When did you know a career in beauty was cut out for you?

As a child, I had an artistic flair, and I was waiting for the right moment to enter the world of beauty. After school, I studied painting and sculpting, which was a great foundation for my career. It helped me understand colours and aesthetics. In 2006, I joined Dior and it’s been great since then!

How can women find their perfect foundation shade?

When choosing a foundation, be sure to match the colour of your face to your neck. Another tip is to not use a lot of products in order to keep the transparency of the colour intact. Be sure to check the shade under different lights and mirrors, and apply in layers only on imperfect areas. I find the Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation to be great because it’s not too heavy and also gives long-lasting coverage.

Five makeup items no woman should leave the house without?

Every woman has her key products that she can’t leave the house without, but in general, I would say the
key ones are: foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and lipsticks are very important for a complete look.

How should a bride-to- be choose her makeup artist?

Someone who knows every angle of your face is far better than a famous makeup artist who has never exhibited his/her talent on you. Every bride must meet her makeup artist (as well as the hair stylist) several times in advance in order to convey what she really wants.


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