Pucker up for your wedding festivities with these 5 lip oils that guarantee a glossy finish

It’s time to step up your lip game.

If you’re gearing up for your special day or just want to add a touch of shine to any occasion, look no further than these lip oils that are about to become your holy grail for luscious, kissable lips. Lip oils are a beauty product designed to provide a glossy finish to the lips while also offering nourishment and hydration. Unlike traditional lip glosses that primarily focus on shine, lip oils take it a step further by incorporating moisturising and hydrating properties. These products often contain a blend of ingredients, such as jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, or other hydrating ingredients. 

Lip oils are available in various formulations, ranging from clear and subtle tints to more pigmented options, just so you can customise their level of shine and colour. Ahead, we have curated a list of the best lip oils that deserve a spot in your wedding make-up routine. 

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Infused Gloss, ₹2,450

Bobbi Brown’s crushed oil-infused gloss is a luxurious lip product with an ultra-hydrating formula that offers a super-smooth, glossy finish without any sticky residue. With 12 sheer shades ranging from bare to bold, it effortlessly complements any bridal look, making it the right pick for all your wedding festivities.  

Typsy Beauty Shade Shifter Lip & Cheek Oil, ₹1,099


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Infused with the goodness of acai berry and hibiscus oil, Typsy Beauty’s lip and cheek oil go beyond the surface. The pH-reactive formula adapts to your skin’s natural chemistry, creating a personalised tint that complements every skin tone and type. Their lightweight formula ensures that your lips look glamorous and feel exceptionally smooth. It’s the perfect touch for that coveted glossy finish.

La Mior Juicy Tinted Lip Oil, ₹999


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La Mior’s juicy tinted lip oil is a perfect pick, if you’re looking for a lip oil that guarantees a glossy finish. Its lightweight, buildable formula gives your lips a pop of colour that can be tailored from subtle to vibrant with just a few strokes. The formulation ensures your lips stay smooth, nourished, and look fuller and healthier. Plus, the lip oil’s flexible silicone applicator makes for easy and precise application, creating an effortless, low-maintenance look. 

Kay Beauty Hydrating Lip Oil Gloss (Hydrate & Treat), ₹899

Enriched with a special blend of nourishing oils and soothing benefits, Kay Beauty’s hydrating lip oil gloss delivers a smooth, cushiony, and clear finish. What sets it apart? It acts as a sheer, transparent lip elixir with an intense moisturising effect that keeps your lips hydrated and glossy throughout your wedding festivities. 

KIRO PH-Play Lip & Cheek Oil, ₹800


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With the added benefits of rosehip oil for skin elasticity, avocado oil for intense hydration and wrinkle reduction, and moringa oil for anti-inflammatory effects and collagen support, this vegan-friendly formula by Kiro pampers your lips and cheeks. This one is an ideal choice for brides who are looking to get that well-nourished look without compromise! 


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