Move Over Flowers—Sonam Kapoor Shows You How to Dress Up Your Tresses the Stylish Way

The actor makes a compelling case for upgrading your hair using scarves, faux pearls, bejewelled bands, and more.

Baby's breath generously sprinkled on a loose braid and a rose-laden crown perched atop the head make for elegant ways to embellish your hair. Although, if you're up for experimenting this wedding season, ditch the fresh flowers and take a cue from Sonam Kapoor, who shows you how to elevate your 'mane game' without relying on blooms. 

Pearl-Up Your Braid

Pristine pearls and Swarovski crystals—or a 'faux' version of either—are an elegant way to dress up your tresses. Evenly pepper your french braid with faux pearls, and embellish the crown of your head with mini crystals, all equidistant to one another. 

Encase Your Bun

Is a sleek, tight bun on your bridal beauty wish list? Instead of encasing your bun with jasmine flowers or fragrant red roses, go the unconventional route and opt for a metal bun holder to instantly upgrade your look. 

Alternatively, you may choose to enclose your bridal bun in an old-school, floral-embellished net—take a cue from the 37-year-old diva. 

...or a piece of cloth acquired from the fabric of your wedding ensemble.

If you're looking to stand out from the crowd and try your hand at something unique, wrap your bun with multi-hued threads that match the colours of your attire—Sonam shows you exactly how!

For some gilded glamour—and to take things up a notch—delicately place a gold-plated, square-shaped hair brooch just above your low bun. 

If you're on the lookout for a minimalist, albeit statement-making hair accessory for your big day—we've got you covered. Adorn a stand-out kundan or polki gajra along the edges of your bridal bun. 

Clip On

A hair clip is probably the easiest—yet chicest—way to elevate your hairstyle. If you're one who doesn't stray too far away from your comfort zone, consider throwing on a few minimalist hair clips to embellish your tresses.

If maximalism is your thing, place a bunch of metallic pins—parallel to one another or in a criss-cross pattern—on either side of your head. 

Add a Dash of Regalia with an Embellished Hairband

The versatile hair accessory is here to stay—just swap out the basic one with a more contemporary, bejewelled pick. Sonam Kapoor shows you how to slay with the humble hairband this wedding season.

Opt for the metallic kind that'd pair perfectly with almost everything in your western as well as ethnic wardrobe.


Bow It Up

A pretty lil' bow atop the crown of your head is the perfect fuss-free hairstyle to pair with your off-duty ensembles. 

Tie up a scarf around your ponytail in the shape of a bow, or throw on a sleek black bow-hairband to pull back thin, wispy baby hairs. 

A Picture-Perfect Ponytail

One way to turn a drab ponytail into a fab ponytail? Follow a celebrity's cue. Break your pony into two divisions by tying it up with rubber bands, leaving a gap in the middle. Twist or braid the hair in the gap between the two rubber bands, giving way to a different hair texture. 


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