Here’s some bridal nail art inspiration you didn’t know you needed

Looking for something elegant, intricate or just simple? We’ve got something for everyone.

There’s so much you need to think about as a bride-to-be—from your outfit for every function to the kind of hair, makeup, shoes and jewellery you want to complete the look. This, coupled with the nitty-gritties of the colour palette, factoring in the time of day and a whole lot more. Amidst the chaos of planning your dream wedding and everything that comes with it, we’d recommend squeezing in a few hours of me time to pamper yourself. The bonus? You can get your bridal nails done while you’re at it. Whether you’re looking for something minimal yet elegant or something intricate and pretty, we’ve got all the inspiration you need. Read on. 

Neutral tones with a splash of glitter 

If you’re going for the big fat Indian wedding look with a red lehenga, arms full of mehendi and paired with some bangles, then this style of nail art is just for you. You can opt for some neutral tones such as a dark matte mauve colour and leave one nail for a splash of glitter. It’s the perfect blend of simple yet festive. 

Simple and understated 

If you’re not a fan of nail polish and the various shenanigans, we’d recommend opting for classic, plain/neutral toned acrylic nails, similar to those that were donned by Alia Bhatt during her wedding. 

A little gold never hurt anybody 

If the colour palette for your wedding is brimming with hues of golds, and beiges, then this transparent nail paint with sparkly golden stick ons are just for you. They add an elegant touch to an already classy and understated wedding outfit. 

White all the way 

For all those brides-to-be who are hosting a white colour-themed wedding or bridal brunch, then this intricately painted nail art is perfect ideal for you! 

Gradients, stickons and all 

If you’re not a fan of long nails, fret not—these perfectly shaped, short nails with a gradient of colours and some minimal embroidery on it just might do the trick. You can opt for neutral colours or go all out and choose something that is vibrant and festive! 

Pearl white

We are all heart for this pearl white nail-do that is super-chic and perfect for a white wedding. This set of nails will look beyond stunning with a bright diamond ring on your finger.