5 lash serums that’ll help you skip the falsies on your big day

The natural way to longer, thicker lashes!

Who wouldn’t like to have fuller, fluffier lashes? And who wouldn’t want to achieve that without using falsies or eyelash extensions? Turns out, there is a way to get those doe-like lashes that you’ve been dreaming of, for real. Enter lash serums! 

Your wedding day can be hectic enough without adding the heavy burden of false eyelashes to it. These lash serums will nourish and condition your lashes, making them appear thicker, fuller and less prone to breakage! With continued use, they’ll make sure your eyelashes will be sky-high without the need for extensions, lash lifts or any assistance from falsies. 

Thicker eyelashes can take your make-up looks to the next level. However, adding extreme volume with mascaras, curlers and salon treatments can be quite damaging. This is where lash serums come in. These formulations hydrate and condition eyelashes to keep them strong and protected. What’s more, is that they shield your lashes against the chemicals in most mascaras and eyeliners. 

Regular swipes of the right eyelash serum can make your dreams of longer, thicker lashes a reality! Below are some of our top picks.

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum 

This Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum is a volumising elixir for a thicker and healthier look. Its light, non-greasy formula is designed to support longer and fuller-looking lashes and brows. With 11 active ingredients, including four peptide complexes and a series of natural extracts, this serum works to nourish and protect your lashes while enhancing the look, density, and overall appearance. It’s recommended to use twice daily for at least four weeks for visible results. 

Skin Story Growth Lash and Brow Serum 

Spruce up your lashes and brows into the fullest, boldest, arches with Skin Story’s vegan and cruelty-free lash serum. The serum contains amino acids and antioxidant-packed botanicals to condition and protect your lashes and brows. The combination of powerful ingredients can condition and strengthen lash hair while preventing brittleness. Added bonus? It can be used as both—a brow gel and a lash conditioner!

Forest Essentials Nayantara Clear Lash and Brow Serum 

What’s better than an Ayurvedic formulation when it comes to beauty? The Forest Essentials Nayantara Clear Lash Serum conditions the lash hair, adding volume from the root to tip and can be used as a brow serum, too. Infused with natural and plant-based ingredients like fenugreek, amla, cold-pressed castor oil, vitamin E, and organic beeswax, this gel-like serum is known to help repair and restore lashes and brows to their original beauty with an age-old formulation. The clear gel formula gently lifts and separates the lashes to add natural definition, and can also be used to boost lash volume with regular usage!

Clinique High Impact Lash Amplifying Serum 

Amplify your lash look, without going the extra mile. This nighttime pampering serum nourishes to promote longer, thicker, darker-looking bare lashes in 12 weeks. No salons, no appointments, just lush-looking natural lashes. Its gentle formula is infused with nourishing haircare ingredients and peptides, enhancing the overall appearance of lashes. As an added bonus, it is ophthalmologist-tested and appropriate for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

OLAPLEX Lashbond Building Serum 

Olaplex’s new eyelash-enhancing serum actually uses bond-building ingredients to help thicken and strengthen lashes. It helps rebuild the bonds in the lashes to make them stronger and less prone to shedding, inevitably making them look thicker over time. Every swipe of this clear, lightweight serum delivers highly effective concentrations of peptide complex technology, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and biotin to the lash line to support and sustain lash retention—and what’s even better is that it leaves your lashes feeling ultra-soft!