Popular anti-aging treatments that do nothing for wrinkles

Two leading dermats tell you what you need to stay away from.

Wrinkles are one of the many reasons why no one likes to get old. As you get older, your skin naturally becomes less elastic and more fragile. And with reduced production of natural oils, the skin tends to dry and look more wrinkled. The next step sees us look up a host of anti-aging treatments that says goodbye to those wrinkles. It’s important to tell you right from wrong which is why we got two dermatologists to let you know about the popular anti-aging treatments that do nothing for wrinkles.

Face Yoga: In this era of social media and beauty influencers, a lot of times, we fall for what we are made to believe and one such misleading treatment is face yoga. In the long run, it can lead to more wrinkles on someone's face who does it every day.

Facials and massage: They are a great way of hydration, radiance, and rejuvenation, but they really do not work on wrinkles. This does not mean that one should not go for good facials like a hydra facial or Oxygeneo, but the expectation should be glowing, supple skin and not a wrinkle-free face. 

The only facials that help with fine lines and wrinkles are—PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facials by inducing collagen production and laser toning and carbon facials, each of which should be done by board-certified dermatologists only.
Face masks: Homemade or ready to use, face masks don't do much for your skin be it pigmentation or wrinkles. 

Massaging tools: One such at-home treatment is massaging tools. They do help in improving blood circulation but do nothing for collagen induction. 

Essential oils: It moisturises the skin but don't do anything for the wrinkles. 

At-home rollers: They don’t cause any kind of wrinkle reduction and are essentially to be avoided.

Topical Creams: One of the most accessible and widely marketed anti-aging treatments is topical creams. These creams claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen production or providing deep hydration. While some creams can temporarily plump the skin, resulting in a subtle reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, they do not provide a permanent solution.  

Laser Skin Toning: The evidence supporting laser skin toning effectiveness in reducing wrinkles is limited. Laser toning treats pigmentation and uneven skin tone. It is done by heating the specific skin layers to target & destroy pigmentation without causing any harm to the overlying skin. This gives an instant skin brightening effect & complexion gets improved. While some individuals may experience mild improvements in skin texture and firmness, the impact on deep wrinkles is generally minimal.  

Oral Supplements: These supplements often contain antioxidants, vitamins, or other ingredients touted for their skin rejuvenation properties. However, the scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of oral supplements in reducing wrinkles is generally lacking. While certain nutrients are vital for overall skin health, relying solely on supplements is unlikely to deliver significant improvements in wrinkle reduction. 

Collagen-Boosting Drinks: Collagen, a protein that provides structure to the skin, has gained popularity as an anti-aging ingredient. Some companies market collagen drinks as a means to replenish the body's collagen levels and reduce wrinkles. However, the effectiveness of these drinks in wrinkle reduction remains questionable. Collagen molecules are typically too large to be effectively absorbed by the skin when consumed orally.  

Inputs by Dr. Anupama Bisaria Dermatologist, Dr. Meghna Gupta, Dermatologist and Founder, Delhi Skin Centre and Kiran Bhatt, Cosmetologist and Vice President of Junoesque Clinic


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