Meghan Markle Inspires Our Bridal Diet Goals With Her Blogger-Like Insta Posts!

American actress and soon-to-be royalty Meghan Markle often posts delicious food images on her Instagram page. Not only is she setting some major bridal diet goals, she sets some high standards for food bloggers and photographers on Instagram. 

Our current favourite royal (well, almost) is becoming an Instagram darling with her food pictures. Not only are they well-shot, they look delicious AF and make us want to get on whatever diet she is on currently. Brides, take note, this humanitarian campaigner and future princess is setting some serious diet goals (she does indulge sometimes, like the rest of us). Here are some of our favourite posts from Meghan's Instagram page.

1. Desserts Can Be Healthy Too!

2. Fresh Ingredients Make The Best Salads

3. Are You Getting Your Proteins Right?

4. Breakfast Of Champions


Breakfast of champs 💪🏽 #breakfast #TheTig

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5. Of Vegan Lunches

6. Fresh Fruits, Anyone?

7. That Breakfast Spread Though!


#breakfast #positano #nytimes #Italy

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8. Nutty Goodness


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