Everything You Need to Know About Gender-Neutral Scents and Perfume Notes

Writer, beauty expert, and makeup artist from Canada, Trésor Prijis blurs gender lines and highlights perfume notes that tease one’s olfactory senses—appealing equally to brides and grooms.

Few things in our tangible grasp have quite the same ability to bind themselves as closely to memory as fragrance. These threads of reminiscence, which weave themselves so harmoniously into the tapestry that is our life are sacred and I’ve chosen six, which I believe, may bring you joy and mark such an extraordinary day with beauty worthy of such an occasion.

Opulence in White

Swiftly identified by their silken petals of alabaster and ivory, as well as their utterly intoxicating allure, the fragrance family known as white florals is oftentimes the standard choice for a bride on their wedding day. Though, because of their undeniable natural beauty in tandem with a jubilant air of luxury in the density of their aroma, a white floral is not to be overlooked by a groom in search of their ideal scent as well. My personal favourite within this category is easily the tuberose. This depth is perfectly exhibited in Serge Luten’s Tubereuse Criminelle, a tuberose so rich and camphorous it conjures visions of velvet white petals and verdant stems fiercely gripped in the hands of crystalline ice then doused in gasoline, set aflame in a climax of piercing light. A more docile member of this family is the orange blossom, a flower with profound ties to the symbolism of both marital union and fertility. Their aroma is sunshine incarnate, soft and luminous with a warmth that can only be described as that of a lover’s embrace. This narrative is flawlessly exhibited by Maison Chabaud’s Nectar de Fleurs in collaboration with Osswald. The spritely aroma of orange blossom is woven gracefully with a blush of luxurious vanilla and the softest of skin musks.

’70s Redux

The ’70s were not only a time of orange shag carpets,questionable trousers, and bombshell brunettes onwhite horses at the disco, but also a time of what could beconsidered my favourite fragrances of all time. What elevatedthe fragrances of this era into a league of their own was thesheer audacity and unabashed volume of their composition.The fragrances of the ’70s made their presence known, andlike all works of great beauty, they’ve made a comeback.The most magnificent example of this beautiful renaissancecomes from the UK’s Papillon Artisan Perfumes in Dryad,an outrageously vivid olfactory fantasy in sunlit shards ofemerald green caressing the most tender of flesh, dripping inecstasy with the nectar of a poet’s garden. Another note thatdefined the fragrant landscape of this decade is patchouli,and few have rendered it more delightfully than LaurentMazzone in LM Parfum’s Patchouly Bohème. The note,known for its particular pungency, has been polished intoa glistening orb of resinous warmth. The aroma of smoothtobacco and luxurious saddle leather emerge from within,for a modern twist.

Animal Instinct

If the floral game isn’t your personal cup of tea, animalics have got you covered. Traditionally animalic aroma compounds were collected from the musk glands of friendly fauna like the musk deer and civet cat but, as technology has advanced, these compounds have been chemically synthesised. These scents tend to be regarded as the most sensual, positively carnal creations with accords that range to the scent of salty sun-warmed skin to those a shade more subversive. An impeccable exploration of the former comes from Marlou in the form of their remarkably sensuous L’Animal Sauvage, an immaculately silken skin musk that flows from the body in tendrils of fluid light. Filaments of orange blossom and violet essence bind the light as it pours forth in a hypnotic oscillation of innocence and eroticism. Further expanding on this notion of eroticism is the breathtaking Civet from Zoologist, which paints a portrait of this animal magnetism in hues daringly dark. The feral nature of the civet accord is veiled in a cloud of spice that reverberates through a bouquet of subdued florals.


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