5 Beauty Treatments to Avoid Before a Summer Wedding

Steer clear of skin irritation, acne and more by avoiding these beauty treatments just before your sunny summer wedding!

Pastel lehengas, breezy dupattas and statement sunglasses —  tying the knot in the warmer months are all about keeping cool. While it is natural to switch to cooler clothes and lighter, sweat-proof creams during the warmer months, your beauty regimen also needs a seasonal upgrade.

Certain treatments that do wonders for your skin during the colder season, may actually backfire during the hot and humid weather. Celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr Poorva Shah shares some beauty treatments that you should be cautious about and avoid doing just before your D-day. The key is to plan these treatments well before your wedding to avoid enduring a skincare crisis on the big day: 


Everyone has their own take on body hair and if you cannot do without your monthly hot wax session, be warned. Dr Shah says, "Heat and inflammation from the wax temperature and the pulling for the hair root during hot and humid summers can result in hot, flushed and irritated skin." 

Instead, you can opt for sugar or cold wax, depilatory creams or even invest in an epilator to get the job done sans the irritation.  


"The friction of the thread against your skin along with the pulling of the hair root can cause irritation and burns on the skin which worsens with sweating in the summers," she says. Opt for tweezing or sugar wax procedures instead.


While bleaching your skin and hair is not the most favourable option courtesy of harsh reactions, skip doing this during the summers altogether. "Bleaching agents are harsh. In the summers, your skin is exposed to harsh UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This exposure makes your skin sensitive and irritable. Bleaching agents can burn or darken sun-exposed skin. Hence, best to avoid during summer," says Dr Shah.

Pedicures and manicures

A little TLC for your hands and feet, manicures and pedicures are a great way to start your #SelfCareSunday. However, proceed with caution during the warmer months to reduce the risk of infection, especially if you get these treatments at a salon. 

She says, "During pedicures and manicures, many times, the cuticle is removed or the nail is cleaned very close to the nail bed. This can create an entry point for allergens and fungal infections. Add to this excessive sweating especially if you wear closed footwear and it makes you the perfect target for nail fungus."  

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a great dermatological procedure to get smooth, healthier skin. However, you might be better off opting for a milder peel during summers.  

"High temperatures and sun exposure can make the skin sensitive during summer. Using a strong peel or a deep peel can result in burns or darkening of the skin. Allow your dermatologist to choose the right peel for you in the summer. A mild or hydrating peel would be ideal," she says.


5 Beauty Treatments to Avoid Before a Summer Wedding

Apr 27, 2021

Steer clear of skin irritation, acne and more by avoiding these beauty treatments just before your sunny summer wedding!

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