10 Low-Maintenance Plants to Turn Your Home into a Green Oasis

Fragrant flowers that can grow in the tiniest of spaces or vegetables growing in a pot, check out the easiest plants for a budding plant mom or dad!

From soothing your mind to improving the ambience of your home, an indoor garden is the best way to bring nature inside your home. But if you are wary of regular plant watering and fertilizer schedules, here is help. By opting for plants that suit your lifestyle, you can also create a personal indoor oasis with your pick of fragrant blooms and aesthetic greens!     

"I always advise indoor garden beginners to include locally grown seasonal plants, flowers and vegetables because they tend to thrive well in that particular area and weather," says Vinayak Garg, founder of Lazy Gardener. Here is his pick of easy-to-grow plants to include in your indoor garden: 

Curry leaf plant

indian curry leaves

Curry leaves make for great balcony or indoor plants, but they can also be used for cooking your poha and curries! Trim the plant when it gets leggy to promote new growth.
Light – Direct sunlight  and bright light conditions
Water– Give soil time to dry out before watering


These BBs not only look great inside your house but you can also pick from a variety of philodendrons to suit your needs such as Philodendron Selloum, Split Leaf Philodendron, Xanadu etc.

Light – Loves bright indirect light conditions but can tolerate medium to low light as well.
Water– Give soil time to dry out before watering.



These bold and beautiful blooms blossom all year round and will fit right at home on your window sill. You can also sprinkle the flower petals on the soil to grow new plants.
Light – These love direct and indirect sunlight.
Water – Give soil time to dry out before watering.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Easy and non-fussy, these plants survive well without frequent watering and are also a great addition to your skincare regime!
Light – can survive in full sunlight as well as in indirect bright light conditions.
Water – Give soil time to dry out before watering.



Bougainvillaea comes in a gazillion hues and can be grown indoors with some manoeuvring as well as in your balcony as a climber plant. However, do fertilize the plant from time to time for better flowers.
Light – It can adjust to full sunlight and bright light conditions.
Water – Give soil time to dry out before watering.

Money plant

money plant

An easy growing plant, you can let it climb on moss sticks or put it in hanging planters. Some varieties can do well without soil too and can be propagated with cuttings. 
Light – It can tolerate low light to bright indirect light conditions
Water –  Give soil time to dry out before watering.



A fairly common plant, this easy growing vine has many varieties available. You can propagate them through cuttings to fill up your indoor garden with this plant.
Light – can survive in bright to low light conditions.
Water – Give soil time to dry out before watering. Do not over-water.



Another plant that can go for long without watering seshes and looks super-cute in tiny pots. You can also place them in hanging baskets or make bonsai.
Light – Direct sunlight
Water – Give soil time to dry out before watering



A herbal must-have in every home, make sure to trim the flowers so that the energy goes to leaves growth and the leaves don’t lose their taste.

Light – Direct sunlight
Water – Give soil time to dry out before watering

Indoor veggies

indoor vegetables

You can also grow vegetables such as coriander, beans, spinach, okra on your balcony. Make sure to plant them in a brightly lit area, fertilize them often and water them when the soil starts to get dry.


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