Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Here’s why celebrities are hooked on to lash extensions

A beauty trend that has been growing steadily is eyelash extensions. Once considered an A-list exclusive, now this has gain popularity among everyday woman. They look great and also give your lashes a break from makeup. But should you get them? Will they affect your natural lashes? There are many such questions that will haunt you if you are planning to get them for the first time. We roped in Sapna Bedi, founder Reign Studio that has an exclusive tie up with NovaLash, USA, to clear myths and tell you all that you need to know before getting those extensions. 

Do eyelash extensions damage real eyelashes?

“If you opt for superior quality medical- grade glue and follow safest lash application process, your real eyelashes will not get damaged.  The key is to have a trusted, certified eyelash technician handle this job! Use the best medical- grade adhesive by an expert. The Platinum Bond adhesive helps you maintain natural health and longevity of natural lashes. With correct eyelash extension application, you can avoid harming your natural lashes. These extensions are glued directly to the lash line and often last until your natural lashes come off on their  own. In fact, it is completely normal to shed natural eyelashes regularly just like all hair on your body. If eyelash extensions start falling off, you must get them removed professionally. Any attempt to take them out yourself can severely damage your natural lashes,” says Sapna.

Do you need an expert to apply eyelash extensions?

"If you don’t get them applied by a certified lash technician, you may end up breaking off your natural eyelashes. Many people think eyelash extensions affect the natural growth and longevity of your natural lashes. However, with correct application your natural lashes will not be harmed," adds Sapna.

Does eyelash application hurt?

"Not at all! If you get the entire process done by a certified lash technician, the process wouldn't hurt. The lash extensions are glued on to individual lashes and never the eyelid!" says Sapna.

With lash extensions, you get the coveted volume and you needn't wear mascara. So if you want to take a break from eye makeup and still flaunt long, shiny and voluminous lashes then get those extensions. 


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