4 things no one tells you before shopping for an engagement ring

And everything you need to know about buying one.

Before either of you says "yes", there are some things to keep in mind if you're thinking of proposing, anticipating one soon, or have already started looking around with your significant other. Because your partner and you will wear the rings forever and it is a significant financial investment. Uncertain about where to begin? We're here to help!

1. Almost always, the bride is involved in the design of the engagement ring
Future brides frequently go to jewellery stores without their partners to try on engagement rings. Many of them come prepared with reference images, hand-drawn sketches, and even extensive PowerPoint presentations that they use to guide their partner at home. It's a common misconception that it is always a surprise; most women are involved in the engagement-ring process. The degree varies between couples, but it is encouraged because it avoids confusion on the partner's side and assures she gets exactly what she wants.

2. The box is not the ideal location for storing an engagement ring.
The best way to store jewellery is actually in small baggies, especially when travelling. Separately stored, this avoids tangling and scratching. Additionally, it's simple to identify what pieces you're grabbing thanks to the clear bags. At home, it's best to arrange your jewellery on a tray . Never exercise, sleep, or swim in the ocean while wearing your engagement ring.

3. The most significant flaw in the popular Toi et Moi engagement ring
Toi et moi engagement rings have grown in popularity recently, thanks to celebrities like Megan Fox and Ariana Grande. The "toi et moi" style, which translates to "you and I", refers to the use of two modern gemstones in an engagement ring. When choosing the gemstones that will make up their toi et moi engagement ring, many people neglect to take carat weight into account. Most importantly, make sure the two stones complement one another, particularly in terms of colour and size. Popular combinations include pears and emeralds, but frequently, in order to match them visually, the emerald cut chosen is really one with a higher carat weight than the corresponding pears.

4. How to choose the ideal metal colour for your engagement ring
The greatest advice for choosing the colour of a metal (such as platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, etc.) is to look at your present jewellery collection and think about what shade will look best against your skin tone. There are no hard and fast restrictions, so it's acceptable to mix in beautiful yellow-gold jewellery even if your engagement ring is platinum.


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